Webinar: Making the Case for Mobile Barcoding


Learn why mobile barcoding is a data collection best practice for the modern digital supply chain.

Too many companies still use manual or paper-based data collection processes to track inventory throughout their operations. This outdated practice embeds hidden inefficiencies that cause significant negative upstream and downstream effects throughout your organization.

Automating data collection with mobile barcoding is a best practice for ERP users.

Watch this video to learn how mobile barcoding supports a digital supply chain for the modern enterprise.

This video’s key points include:

  • How mobile barcoding is a data collection best practice
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of manual inventory processes and inventory errors
  • How barcode automation can create real-time visibility and maximize accuracy
  • Mobilizing data collection creates a safer workplace in the COVID-19 era

Today’s supply chain companies face vast stressors from outside forces, only exacerbated by COVID-19. Manual processes cannot support the remote workforces, enhanced sanitation needs, and social distancing measures this pandemic necessitates.

Watch this video today to learn how RFgen’s mobile barcoding solutions provide the foundation for your digital transformation journey.