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RFgen Food Logistics article pdf download: Why Food Companies Need Mobile Inventory to Survive

In less than two years, the term “supply chain” has gone from a business insider term to alarming consumer headlines and sound bites on the evening news. But as someone in the business of food & beverage production, you knew that.

RFgen can provide a big boost for your part of the supply chain world. With the fastest and most accurate mobile barcoding solution integrated with your ERP, you can seize control of your inventory and the data that flows instantly into your operations. It’s like mobile confidence and peace of mind.

We’ll help you seize some helpful information, too. Read what we recently published in Food Logistics magazine: Why Food Companies Need Mobile Inventory to Survive.

Download this food & beverage survival guide and 10 minutes later you’ll be speaking the language of smart manufacturing:

  • Traceability
  • Agility
  • IoT
  • Oh my!

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