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70-95% shorter development cycles, faster time-to-deployment, lightning-fast processing.

Pop quiz: What do IM, WM, and EWM all have in common?

Answer: They all need RFgen to give you fast, efficient, development-friendly access to real-time data collection.

No matter what SAP tools you have deployed, you’re not benefiting from the true power of inventory management that only mobile barcoding can provide. And there’s no mobile barcoding partner that gives you both the highest level of SAP experience with the most robust security available for SAP. At a speed you might not believe.

Take a fresh look at RFgen with The Need for Speed: Transforming Your Mobile Inventory in Record Time for SAP. In this 10-minute read, you will learn:

  • How RFgen’s low-code platform cuts your development time by 70-95%.
  • How pre-made, validated templates can be deployed in days or even hours.
  • The hidden costs of slower mobile processing and how to eliminate them.
  • And more!


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