Transforming Your Inventory in Record Time for SAP

Your inventory could be so much faster. If you use SAP, you need mobile inventory to maximize efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and cost control. If you use mobile, then you need a solution with UI/UX built for the modern mobile user. Download this insight brief to learn how.

cover image of RFgen's white paper: The Need for Speed: Transforming Your SAP Inventory in Record Time

Turbocharge Inventory Speed and Throughput

Today’s supply chain demands rapid production and fulfillment. To keep pace, businesses must leverage highly efficient technology to deliver perfect orders on time—every time. Whether you use IM, WM, EWM, or PM, your SAP-run business stands to benefit from the power of fast, efficient, development-friendly real-time visibility and control.

No mobile barcoding partner gives you a cutting-edge mobile experience with the most robust functionality and data security on the market with transactions measured in microseconds. That’s fast!

Download this insight brief, and in a few minutes you will learn:

  • How pre-made, pre-validated mobile templates can reduce time-to-market by 90%.
  • Ways RFgen’s low-code platform can cut in-house development time by 95%.
  • The hidden costs of slower mobile solutions with obsolete mobile UI/UX.
  • What eliminating transaction latency can do for your efficiency and profits.

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Ways RFgen Delivers Speed & Efficiency

Shorter App Development Cycles
Shorter Training for New Users
Greater Efficiency and Productivity
Microsecond Transaction Speeds

Web-based mobile apps can take up to 10 seconds per transaction. You’re wasting weeks (even months!) of time every year just waiting for data to process. That’s a cost you can’t afford.

Download the guide today.

Take the first step to transforming your SAP supply chain. Download your copy of the insight brief to learn how you can accelerate SAP inventory processes into real-time and unlock new levels of speed and efficiency with RFgen Mobile Edge™.