Supply Chain Inventory Visibility Best Practices

How Transparent Is Your Supply Chain?

As your organization plans for the digital future, it’s important to take stock of your supply chain strengths and vulnerabilities as they exist today. According to IDC, by 2020, “60% of the top manufacturers will rely on digital platforms that enhance their investments in ecosystems and experiences and support as much as 30% of their overall revenue.”

With greater digital transformation comes the need to enhance supply chain visibility. Gartner predicts supply chain visibility “will soon be a standard business practice,” and goes on to define visibility as being “about generating timely, accurate and complete views of plans, events, and data across the entire supply chain including external partners.” Gartner predicts there will be mass adoption of supply chain visibility within two to five years.

In this ebook, we examine:

  • How to determine if your organization’s current supply chain practices are ready for the future.
  • Five benefits you will gain by improving your supply chain visibility.
  • Five best practices for end-to-end inventory visibility.
  • Seven considerations for inventory management through mobile apps.

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