What to Expect When Implementing a New Barcode Solution

Failing to digitize manual processes is no longer an option.

An inside look into a successful guided implementation for your new technology project.

cover image of RFgen's guide: What to Expect When Implementing a New Barcode Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide

We know that implementing a new technology project can be intimidating. 80% of organizations are planning to invest in new enterprise technology.

Don’t let that plan get stuck in the pipeline.

Our team of talented consultants have been building and deploying supply chain solutions for more than three decades. During that time, we’ve created a failproof process to get you to a successful Go Live and beyond.

Download our insight brief to gain an inside look at RFgen’s proven implementation process. We want you to be confident in moving forward with your project.

This guide’s key points include:

  • Building a strong business case
  • How to honestly evaluate your processes and workflows
  • What to expect during implementation with RFgen, including planning, design, development, and delivery
  • An inside perspective on what makes some technology projects succeed where others fail
  • What happens after deployment

With today’s rapidly evolving environment, failing to digitize manual processes is no longer an option. Companies must act now to automate and modernize in order to enjoy a profitable path forward.

Download your copy of the Implementation Guide right now to learn how RFgen can help you achieve your digital transformation goals and guide you to a successful mobile barcode deployment.

This guide was written with the cooperation of RFgen Senior Consultants and more than 40 years of ERP and supply chain integrations. We pride ourselves on providing an end-to-end guided implementation for mobile barcoding and data collection projects.