Gain oversight and control of your inventory.

Download The Best Inventory Software for Chemical Supply Chain Traceability

Learn how to automate traceability with mobile barcoding for chemicals.

From increasing federal regulations to the rising cost of raw materials and public safety concerns, the chemical industry faces many stressors. Management of chemicals and chemical compound inventory remains a significant challenge.

Companies that lack real-time oversight, control, and traceability of these materials hinder profitability and growth.

Download this new guide to learn how to gain real-time visibility and control throughout product lifecycles inside and outside the four walls with paperless mobile barcoding technology. Extend your ERP inventory capabilities to point-of-work using mobile apps for barcoding and data collection to gain granular oversight of single and mixed-use inventory.

This guide's key points include how you can:

  • Overcome challenges in receiving, put-away, and distribution
  • Achieve end-to-end traceability to achieve strict compliance to federal regulations and contractual obligations
  • Leverage mobile barcoding technology to dramatically increase inventory oversight
  • Gain mobility benefits: 99.9%+ inventory accuracy, +30% efficiency, +30% productivity, +80% faster training, and more
  • Surmount challenges faced by other real-world chemical companies illustrated in this ebook

With uncertainties arising, companies in the chemical industry must take strategic steps to augment their workforce and safeguard production now. Take back control when and where you need it while reducing costs.

Download your copy of the guide right now to learn how RFgen supply chain mobility solutions can simplify, automate, and mobilize inventory processes. Pre-built, pre-validated mobile apps for common ERP transactions and barcoding could be the key to your digital supply chain transformation for the modern era.