Mobile Inventory in Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing

Learn how extending your ERP onto mobile devices with barcoding enhances visibility, productivity and efficiency for supply chain activities.

Electrical components permeate our modern lives – from the cell phone we carry to the computer we work on. Few people think about the intricate network of delicate parts inside these modern devices. For manufacturing, keeping track of these expensive components as they undergo transformation from raw materials, to WIP, staging and finished products can be daunting.

Many manufacturers lose visibility of valuable components once they become part of a finished product, making repairs, recalls or modifications costly and difficult.

Download our new ebook to learn how to gain real-time visibility and control throughout product lifecycles for warehousing, production, maintenance and field services. Extend your ERP inventory capabilities to point-of-work using enterprise mobile apps and devices built on barcoding and data collection best practices to increase productivity, efficiency and cost-savings for supply chain activities.

This ebook’s key points include:

  • 5G technology expected to grow by $118.49 billion by 2024, necessitates production at scale.
  • Technologies like mobile barcoding can drive scalable volume enablement and component traceability.
  • Reducing operating costs for material handling.
  • Mobility benefits: 99.9%+ inventory accuracy, +30% efficiency, +30% productivity, +80% faster training, and more.
  • Three real-world case studies illustrating proof of effectiveness.

An alarming number of manufacturers still use paper processes and manual data entry to track and transact inventory. These outdated practices burden your business with bad data, hidden overhead bloat, lack of transparency, and the inability to scale.

Download the whitepaper right now to learn how RFgen supply chain mobility solutions can simplify, automate and mobilize inventory processes. Pre-built, pre-tested mobile app suites for common ERP transactions could be the key to your digital supply chain transformation for the modern era.