End-to-End Traceability in Aerospace and Defense for Deltek Costpoint Users

Learn how to strengthen your traceability and quality control processes to stay compliant.

When lives are at stake and national security may depend upon the quality of a work product, there’s no place for substandard parts in the aerospace and defense supply chain. Being able to fully trace parts and components, including serialized and lot-controlled items, through the supply chain and into mission-critical military assets is vital for both security and compliance.

In this ebook, we reveal:

  • How to overcome common inventory tracking challenges faced by DoD contractors.
  • Ways to validate genuine parts and track materials to ensure compliance with government contracts.
  • 8 quality control factors that contractors should consider when assessing current processes.
  • 5 strategies to mitigate risk of non-compliance.
  • How mobile data collection and barcoding creates forward-to-backward inventory and part traceability.
  • The benefits of automating traceability, such as billing accuracy and effective tracking of government-owned parts.

Download the ebook now and find out.