5 Amazon Inventory Management Secrets

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What They Mean for Your Digital Supply Chain Strategy

5 Amazon Inventory Management Secrets

To say that Amazon dominates the e-commerce market would be an understatement. Industry analyst, Ben Schachter, told Supply Management that Amazon claimed approximately 26-cents for every dollar spent online in 2015.

This incredible market share is the result of Amazon investing so heavily in the supply chain that it outpaced the competition and redefined the industry. Supply Chain Digest explained that Amazon has not only had an incredibly aggressive approach to investing in the warehouse but also in disrupting every layer of the supply chain.

These big-picture developments sound nice, but what do they amount to in terms of everyday operations?

In this ebook, we will reveal:

  • The five inventory management secrets that have helped Amazon dominate the world, and
  • How you can leverage these best practices in your digital supply chain strategy.

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