5 Factors That Prove Mobile Barcoding is Perfect for SAP

Your SAP-run warehouse needs a mobile solution. RFgen MobileEdge™ offers the ideal SAP-certified mobile automation platform for your business. Download the insight brief to learn more.

Using IM? WM? EWM? You’re ready for RFgen.

SAP is the backbone of your organization. But do you have real-time visibility into your inventory? Does your warehouse team have the information they need, when they need it, right in their hands? Move your inventory management ahead at light speed with a seamlessly integrated mobile barcoding solution from RFgen.

Need more reasons to consider RFgen®? How about 5 more?

Take a fresh look at RFgen® and learn the 5 Factors That Prove Mobile Barcoding is Perfect for SAP. (Spoiler alert: one of the reasons is the most secure data collection solution for SAP in the industry).

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Whether you decide to continue using SAP’s WM solution or upgrade to EWM, RFgen delivers high-impact benefits with the flexibility to fit your SAP environment in the way that works best for your business requirements.

Download the insight brief today.

You can’t afford to operate without a mobile solution for SAP—or buy one that your workers don’t use. Download your copy of the insight brief today to learn how you can get the perfect mobile solution for your ERP.