4 Ways Mobile Barcoding Solves Food Traceability Challenges

Is your inventory management past its expiration date? Download this insight brief to learn how you can automate track-and-trace, enhance traceability compliance, and gain new levels of efficiency and visibility for raw materials, WIP goods, finished products, and more.

4 Ways Mobile Barcoding Solves Food Traceability Challenges

You need fresh data, fast.

Take all the problems of the global supply chain, add in things like cold storage and perishable products, and you have a recipe for challenging times in the food and beverage industry. Every decision can be critical. Which means you need up-to-the-second data and complete inventory visibility.

Seize control and gain total confidence in your inventory management with RFgen’s mobile barcoding solutions. Our new guide for our food and beverage companies can give you a head start in identifying key areas for food supply chain improvements.

In just a few minutes, you’ll walk away with exciting new insights, such as:

  • How to put an end to expired products.
  • Ways to automate batch and lot traceability.
  • The many advantages of License Plating solutions.
  • Using technology to increase your recall readiness.

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Why Solving for Traceability Matters

live accuracy, visibility achievable
reduction in recall scope and impact
traceability compliance possible
greater inventory handling efficiency

Traceability is virtual gold when it comes to recall readiness. Using mobile barcoding can significantly reduce liabilities from data errors by driving 99.99% accuracy with live visibility.

Download the insight brief today.

Take the first step to transforming your food and beverage supply chain with enterprise mobility. Download your copy of the insight brief to learn how you can unlock new levels of efficiency and cost savings with end-to-end mobile solutions from RFgen Software.