How to Achieve 100% Paperless Inventory

Manual processes are holding you back with low accuracy, inefficient material handling, and high costs. Download this concise eBook from experts at RFgen to discover how you can eliminate those challenges with transformative mobile barcoding solutions.

cover of RFgen Software white paper How to Achieve 100% Paperless Inventory with Mobile Barcoding

Get started with completely paperless inventory.

If you use an ERP, you know efficient inventory management is crucial. Accurate, real-time information drives quality, speed, and cash flow. Mobile barcoding extends ERP capabilities to any time, anywhere with mobile apps. Scaling operations with outdated manual processes is no longer tenable.

Inside your new owner’s manual for mobile barcoding, you’ll learn:

  • Why the way you collect data matters (hint: go paperless).
  • Why inefficient processes lead to avoidable pain points and bottlenecks.
  • How mobile barcoding gives you real-time, 24/7 inventory visibility with 99.9% inventory accuracy or higher.
  • How to minimize new hire and seasonal worker training time by 80% while boosting productivity by 30%.
  • How mobile barcoding goes beyond basic barcode scanning and why that’s important.

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Top of Benefits of Mobile Barcoding

Real-Time Visibility
Accuracy or Higher
Boost to Efficiency
Faster Training

Data is the foundation of every ERP. But how that data is collected directly impacts accuracy, efficiency, and revenue. If you move, make, store, or consume inventory at scale, then mobile barcoding can provide transformative benefits for your business.

Download the insight brief today.

Today’s hypercompetitive supply chain environment means companies must optimize operations with efficiency-boosting technology to keep pace in the marketplace. Take the first step today by downloading your copy of the insight brief. New levels of efficiency and cost savings await!