Infographic: Building a Compelling Business Case


RFgen infographic illustrating the key components of building a winning business case for new mobile technology project.

How to Build a Business Case for Your Enterprise Mobility Project

Understanding how to build an effective business case is essential to getting your new enterprise mobility project off the ground. In this infographic, you will gain key insights on why the need for change is imminent. Outdated processes and inefficiency are hindering productivity and profitability. Now, it’s up to you to identify the metrics and cost savings that will win over your organization’s stakeholders. Best practices include defining the problem; aligning business goals between operations, finance, and IT; and developing estimated Return on Investment (ROI) based on inventory factors, labor savings, and indirect costs that are less tangible. By assembling this information, you can create a compelling business case that is sure to win the approval of leadership and your buying committee.



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