Infographic: A Brief Guide to ROI for Warehouse Software


RFgen infographic of how and where to look to find ROI for new warehouse automation technologies like enterprise mobility.

RFgen Mobile Edge™ Generates Unmatched ROI

Do you know where and how to find Return On Investment (ROI) when evaluating warehouse software? Dive into this infographic with its detailed overview of the four pillars of ROI and how each area can be broken down into reduced costs and added value. Warehouse software like RFgen Mobile Edge™ can unearth hidden value by optimizing inventory tracking, carrying costs, quality control, and flexible scalability. In addition, making workers more efficient and productive helps reduce costs from high turnover, new employee talent acquisition, and expenses associated with injuries. Whereas a full WMS system may take 12 or more months to implement, and 24 months to achieve ROI, mobile software can generate rapid time-to-market with ROI in a matter of months, not years. Lastly, indirect influences impact ROI but don’t necessarily translate to tangible costs. Improving customer service, breaking down bottlenecks, enhancing compliance, and avoiding environmental disruptions can still impact the bottom line, whether organizations realize it or not.



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