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  • Engineering, Construction and Industrial Supply Mobile Solutions

    Engineering, Construction & Industrial Supply Mobile Solutions

Optimize Supply Chain Management for Project-Driven Businesses
with RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Engineering, Construction and Industrial Supply Industry

In a project-driven business, the ability to deliver engineering and construction projects on time and on budget depends on having materials available exactly when they’re needed. You need a supply chain with perfect timing. Anything less can result in missed project deadlines, late penalty fees, and disappointed customers. Ordering more materials than you need “just to be safe” creates unnecessary storage costs and increases the risks of theft, loss, or obsolescence.

If your company manufactures industrial supplies, you must provide a reliable, on-time supply of products to support your project-driven customers. RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Engineering, Construction, and Industrial Supply Industry provides real-time, accurate visibility to your inventory of materials and assets from anywhere.

With RFgen mobile solutions, you can:

  • Minimize stock on hand to reduce overhead and free up project funds.
  • Eliminate manual, paper-based processes by using mobile devices to collect data at remote locations and update your ERP system at the office.
  • Keep track of fixed assets and know the availability and location of tools and equipment.
  • Update inventory as soon as materials are consumed so more materials can be ordered in time for the next phase or next project.
  • Locate materials easily inside the warehouse or out in the field.
  • Invoice from the field, so you can speed up billing and protect cash flow.
  • Update work orders from job locations for the most accurate picture of your field service workload.
  • Capture electronic signatures on the job site, in the office, or anywhere.

Manage Inventory Flawlessly

RFgen's mobile supply chain solutions includes inventory management, fixed asset management, and field service and are fully integrated with leading ERP systems. RFgen gives project managers accurate, real-time visibility into inventory levels of parts and materials. Without real-time inventory control, project managers may order excess amounts of materials, or worse, fail to order items that will hold up the project schedule. An up-to-date inventory also helps project managers to submit bids with more confidence concerning cost and completion dates.

Locate and Track Fixed Assets

In addition to the necessary parts and materials, projects managers need the right tools and equipment to complete projects. Whether it’s vehicles, construction tools or even IT assets, an unavailable machine can be just as detrimental to a project as delayed materials. Your company must proactively manage fixed assets, so they can be shared between multiple projects and managers. RFgen Asset Management Software can help you leverage expensive fixed assets for maximum utilization while tracking their performance and location at all times.

Toss Out Clipboards for Power Mobile Devices

Your employees don’t stay in one place, so why should your operational data? When you send project managers into the field with paperwork on clipboards, they face a greater risk of errors and the inventory and fixed asset data in your ERP isn’t updated in real-time. The gap between when data is collected and when it’s entered can create inventory mix-ups and billing delays. Instead, trade clipboards for tablets and send RFgen on mobile devices out to job sites to capture signatures and collect information from a mobile device both on and off-network.

Speed Up Warehouse Processes

Automate your warehouse with RFgen Warehouse Director, a WMS-lite solution that enables you to optimize your operations with advanced picking methodologies and faster paths through the warehouse. RFgen can speed up receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping significantly.


RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for a mobile data collection solution.

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Adopting Enterprise Mobility in the Supply Chain
How to Go from Paper to Barcode Scanner to Tablet with Mobile Apps

Learn how by using handheld computers such as barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets, mobile workers can access critical information and update enterprise systems in the warehouse and in the field.

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Adopting Enterprise Mobility in the Supply Chain - How to Go from Paper to Barcode Scanner to Tablet with  Mobile Apps

What Our Customers Are Saying

“RFgen is ridiculously stable and at the same time amazingly fast. And while we’re at it, I might add that it's also amazingly flexible so I can get it to do all the things that I want it to do.”

Mark Ferwalt
Applications Director | Quanex Building Products

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