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  • RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform

    Simplify Enterprise Mobile App Development with RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of developing enterprise mobile applications and empower your IT team’s ability to easily create and manage mobile applications in-house with RFgen's enterprise mobile application development platform—RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™. Using RFgen’s integrated development environment, new mobile, wireless and voice-enabled applications can be rapidly created and deployed, while maintenance of existing applications is greatly simplified.

Further, RFgen's built-in ERP system integration improves communications across the enterprise and provides on-demand connectivity anywhere your workforce goes—all from a single click, scan or key press.


Design Once, Deploy on Any Wireless or Mobile Device

The RFgen Mobile Development Studio allows developers to design their data collection applications once then deploy them onto any Windows, Android and Apple iOS wireless or mobile devices, such as:

  • Mobile devices
  • WinCE devices
  • Windows devices
  • Smartphones
  • Scales
  • Carousels
  • RFID Portals
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

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Mobile, Wireless and Voice Applications

All RFgen-enabled mobile solutions are designed around a core runtime engine that manages the majority of user interaction, form control, network management, and enterprise connectivity. RFgen architected mobile and wireless applications can easily be configured to operate in the following modes:

WirelessWireless: Real-time solutions provide immediate visibility of all activities within the supply chain with mobile app updates handled in real-time as they occur.

MobileMobile: On-demand solutions allow data to be captured, validated and stored on the device. Data is then exchanged and synchronized with your enterprise system(s) on an on-demand basis, using a wireless or cellular connection.

VoiceVoice: Hybrid solutions that combine text-to-speech and speech recognition capabilities allowing users to perform various tasks in a hands-free, eyes-free environment.


Advanced Technology for Data Collection

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ contains proven, tested methods for developing, deploying and supporting mobile data collection applications—and it does all this while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Consider the following capabilities that are provided at no additional cost:

  • Guaranteed packet delivery assures no mobile applications data is lost during wireless transmission.
  • Switch quickly between mobile (off-line) and wireless (connected) modes depending upon the task or location.
  • Management console tracks all devices on your network and allows you to remotely view the devices screen.
  • Scalable, optimized access to your enterprise resources for both local and remote devices.
  • Support for GPS, cellular, wireless, barcode scanning, image capture and signature capture operations.
  • Transaction management infrastructure that supports background updates into the enterprise system.
  • Hardware independent and version independent solutions.
  • Multiple user authentication and encryption models for both wireless and mobile devices.
  • One-click device deployment capabilities along with automatic detection of application changes and updates.
  • Automated code generation for enterprise level business functions, stored procedures and packages.

Mobile Enterprise Applications Development Made Easy
with the RFgen Mobile Development Studio

RFgen Mobile Development StudioThe RFgen Mobile Development Studio is an integrated mobile enterprise applications development environment that allows in-house developers to rapidly create and maintain mobile and wireless solutions for Windows, Android and iOS based devices. With RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, your developers can easily connect to their existing system(s) and quickly design, test and deploy mobile-enabled applications.

RFgen supports the ability to "paint" the user interface for each application in multiple styles to fit different device display themes and sizes. Additionally, each prompt can be defined in multiple languages which will activate based upon the active workers profile while the underlying code base remains the same—this allows developers to maintain a single set of business rules.



Dynamic Code Generation

With RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, it's a simple task to link an application's input/output fields to an enterprise data object. When linked in this manner, RFgen automatically handles all of the reading and writing to the object, freeing the developer from having to write code. In the case of our database, web service and enterprise connectors, all available object methods can be easily displayed to select the desired ones for use. RFgen will then download the object schema and dynamically generate the code required to execute it.


Flexible Enough for Almost Any Requirement

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ simplifies the entire process of designing, testing and deploying wireless and mobile applications. Many of our customers have experienced development productivity enhancements in excess of 70% savings through the use of built-in functionality like:

  • Automated Code Generation
  • Automated SQL Statement Generation
  • ActiveX Object Support
  • Error Message Properties
  • Event Driven, VBA Scripting Engine
  • File, Data & Task Transfer Capabilities
  • Input Defaults
  • Input Validation
  • Scrolling Lists
  • Table Validation
  • VBA Language Extensions for Common Tasks
  • VBA/.NET Assembly Integration

Mobile Support Services

RFgen includes a number of remote access tools that help developers work with a mobile device and investigate its contents. This functionality is available whenever the device is visible on your network (wireless, wired, GPRS/VPN, etc.) Using RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, you can attach to it and remotely perform many different tasks, such as:

  • Remote SQL query existing databases
  • Remote database analysis (tables/indexes)
  • Remote database creation and data transfer
  • Remote file explorer
  • Remote file installation
  • Remote application explorer

Automated Application Updates

The RFgen Mobile Support Services module provides administrators the capability of remotely supporting and maintaining operations on the mobile devices. Tasks such as installing program updates and managing software content on the device can be performed without the user's knowledge and without physically handling the device itself.

The core capabilities of RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ include the ability to detect when a server upgrade has occurred and to auto-update the RFgen client environment when needed. Further, if you've deployed RFgen in a mobile environment, RFgen provides support for "Application Synchronization" requests.

In this scenario, if you've changed any RFgen applications that are in the mobile device's profile, it can automatically detect the application/profile changes, build a custom deployment package and remotely update the device—all without the need for IT support.


VBA and .NET Scripting Support

In another significant boost to developer productivity, RFgen includes a fully functional version of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Through the use of VBA/.NET or VBA classic scripting and the built-in features of RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, even beginning programmers can easily create fairly complicated mobile and wireless-enabled data collection applications.

To facilitate the development process, the standard VBA environment has been enhanced to include a number of VBA "language extensions." These extensions relate specifically to the mobile, wireless and voice application environments and are targeted to simplify such tasks as:

  • Complex Data Validation and SQL Queries
  • Distributed Transaction Updates
  • Barcode Label Printing Requests
  • Data Transfer/Synchronization Tasks

Vocollect Voice Integration

Voice PickingRecognizing that Vocollect is a world-leader in speech recognition devices, RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ has built into its core mobile development framework native support for Vocollect-enabled devices. This allows RFgen to act as a real-time system bridge between Vocollect tasks and your enterprise system.

Using a combination of Vocollect and RFgen, companies that have chosen this model receive the best of both worlds—access to Vocollect Talkman devices and RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ to deliver real-time access to enterprise data with background mobile applications update and reporting capabilities.

Get Real-Time Validation and Updates to Your Enterprise System
with These RFgen Enterprise Connectivity Options

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ supports managed, validated connectivity to multiple types of enterprise systems. RFgen has embedded technology that gives you real-time access to your enterprise data using certified methods that protect the integrity of your system. RFgen enterprise connectors include:

  • Oracle’s JD Edwards World (A7.3 to A9.3) RFgen connects to JD Edwards World using a managed TN5250 connection to your AS/400 system paired with a read-only connection to your DB2 database. RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ is certified for multiple versions of JD Edwards World. Any JD Edwards World screen can be quickly recorded for data entry purposes and the relevant data points captured and validated. Once the data has been collected by the user, these recordings are used to update the host system as if the mobile apps were being manually keyed into the system by a user.

  • JD Edwards Enterprise One (XE to 9.1) RFgen connects to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne using managed connections to a JD Edwards client build paired with a read-only connection to your database. RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform is certified for multiple versions of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. All updates to JD Edwards are performed using business function (BSFN) calls with validation occurring via read-only SQL queries. RFgen also provides direct access to JD Edwards’ versions and processing options then links these settings directly into your data collection applications.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (11i to 12.1) RFgen provides access to Oracle E-Business Suite through a managed SQL connection to the Oracle database. Data validation is performed using SQL queries and updates are directed to the appropriate Oracle interface tables. Depending upon your requirements, an Oracle package call can be performed after each update to force the immediate processing of the mobile apps.

  • SAP (4.6c to 6.0) RFgen connects to your SAP environment using NetWeaver API's that allow real-time access to BAPI and RFC functions. RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform is certified for multiple versions of SAP.

  • SAP Business One (9.1) RFgen connects to your SAP Business One environment using the DI API for real-time, certified connectivity to your SAP Business One system from a variety of mobile devices.

  • Microsoft Dynamics (4.0 to 2009) RFgen provides direct access to the Microsoft Dynamics business objects and mobile apps data sets by embedding the Dynamics .NET or COM libraries directly into its VBA scripting environment. All interaction with the Microsoft Dynamics system is through the Dynamics business objects and requires no special code or other programming within Dynamics.

  • Deltek Costpoint (6.1 to 7) RFgen provides real-time inventory, purchasing and manufacturing mobile apps integrated with Deltek Costpoint materials management applications. All mobile apps are executed using a Costpoint web services connector. All data is validated against business data and all mobile apps are executed using Costpoint web services.


Web Services Connectivity

RFgen's Web Services technology is used to facilitate the exchange of enterprise data by multiple, cross-platform applications. Using open protocols and interfaces (DOM, SOAP, etc.), this technology removes much of the complexity associated with the exchange of data between applications that are running on different devices and using different operating systems. Connecting through a pre-defined web service, RFgen applications can issue data requests which encapsulate security, authentication, failure conditions, networking details, and more in a self-contained manner.

Below is a partial list of web service protocols that RFgen supports:

  • Use XML to perform calls to your web services and exchange data.
  • Use SOAP to access remote objects properties and methods.
  • Use DOM to easily format your XML data structures.

Screen Mapping Connectivity

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform provides built-in connectivity for IBM AS/400 servers, IBM mainframes, and UNIX-based systems. Using Screen Mapping, developers can easily record the entire data entry process for selected mobile apps, including how to get to the desired screen. This recording will later be used to update the host system, as if the mobile apps were being manually keyed into the system by a user.

As part of this process, RFgen automatically generates VBA scripts that duplicate the recorded data entry process. Developers can then take these auto-generated scripts and supplement them with error checking, validation logic, and even data translation logic (convert vendor barcode to internal SKU, etc.). The standard communication protocols supported by RFgen are:

  • TN5250
  • TN3270
  • VT220
  • Console

Database Connectivity

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform version 4.x and above supports managed connectivity to any OLEDB/ODBC compliant database like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and more. RFgen's advanced technology manages the entire connection life-cycle, from initial startup to final shutdown, completely eliminating these low-level details from your application design considerations.

Using these managed connections, RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform enables developers to quickly and easily access their enterprise data via SQL statements, stored procedures, and Oracle packages. Some of the databases supported by RFgen are:

  • SQL Server
  • DB2
  • ODBC
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • Access
  • Progress
  • Pervasive
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Save Time and Money with RFgen's Built-In Runtime Service

In addition to the RFgen Mobile Development Studio and Enterprise Connectivity Options, RFgen includes the following components.


RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform Services

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform manages all of the communications required between devices and the back-end enterprise system(s) in a manner that provides guaranteed delivery of information. RFgen acts as a gateway for all client requests working on their behalf to serve real-time, on-demand information as well as managing the processing of remote mobile apps into the enterprise environment. A partial list of RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform standard features includes:

  • Transaction Management
  • Database Synchronization
  • Database Replication
  • User and Device Security
  • Error Handling
  • Device Management

RFgen is a self-tuning environment

Depending upon mobile apps volumes and user data requests, RFgen automatically self-tunes its performance to provide optimal response times throughout the workday. RFgen does this by constantly monitoring the volume and timing of user requests throughout the workday and adjusts the number of its managed connections to your enterprise systems to provide maximum system responsiveness.


Mobile Enterprise Dashboard

RFgen provides an easy-to-use administration interface that allows IT personnel to actively track all operations occurring within their mobile and wireless environment. Using RFgen's Mobile Enterprise Dashboard, any RFgen mobile session can be viewed or modified in an interactive mode allowing IT personnel to see what's occurring on the device in real-time and to remotely support or train the user.

RFgen provides the administrator with a wide range of options to ensure the smooth operation of the data collection environment. From the main display administrators can view all connected devices, which users are logged in, what menu or application they are viewing, how long they have been online and how long they have been inactive, etc.

Besides just managing the users, the administrator may keep track of the data connections as well. If users are sharing connections to the data sources or if they each have their own, all connections are monitored and displayed under the Connections tab. This information allows administrators to see the traffic being sent to the data source and view the statistics of the activity helping to isolate any performance issues and fine-tune solutions for optimal performance.


Network Device Management

RFgen's built-in mobile device management allows administrators to quickly query which devices are on their networks as well as to query data on the devices and even push new data or updates to the devices. Additionally, RFgen supports a two-way mirror of the user's session allowing support personnel to quickly and easily respond to device issues in the field.

RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform mobile device management architecture provides numerous self-supporting capabilities designed to keep your system running at peak performance. Any RFgen designed solution can be configured to automatically check for new application changes, new content, or even new client updates without any user interaction necessary. This built-in, self-supporting architecture enables quick and easy update and revision flow to devices deployed anywhere in the world.


RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for an enterprise mobility solution.


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