JD Edwards Mobile Applications

Out-of-the-Box Mobile App Collections

Our application suites provide accurate and timely inventory information to drive increased productivity and profitability. Integrated with your JD Edwards system, our mobile applications enable you to capture accurate product quantities and locations and gives you instant access to item availability information—both within the warehouse and out in the field.

Inventory Management Suite

Plant Maintenance Suite

  • Create Notification
  • Create Order
  • Modify Notification
  • Notification Inquiry
  • Production Order Processing Suite 
  • Component Scrap
  • Component Withdrawal
  • Inquiry by Material
  • Operation Confirmation
  • Operation Confirmation with Serial Numbers
  • Order Confirmation

Purchase Order Processing Suite 

  • PO Inquiry by Line
  • PO Inquiry by Material
  • All POs Inquiry by Material
  • PO Inquiry by Status
  • PO Receipts by Line
  • PO Receipts by Line with Serial Numbers
  • PO Receipts by Material

Sales Ordering Processing Suite

  • Inquiry by Delivery Document
  • Inquiry by Material
  • Pick Confirmation
  • Pick Confirmation 2
  • Pick Confirmation with Serial Numbers
  • Pack Confirmation
  • Pack Confirmation 2
  • Pack Confirmation with Serial Numbers
  • Ship Confirmation
  • Update Shipment Status
“RFgen is the easiest software to use. We went from idea to reality in less than a week. Prior to RFgen, those ideas remained in fantasyland. It is easy to implement, it’s scalable and allows us to update JD Edwards in real time.”

Kenny Frachiseur
Program Manager, Arquest

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