Accelerate by keeping operations running 24x7

High Reliability Data Collection

With our off-network and High Availability Distributed Solutions, your operations, no matter how remote, can continue to collect data and process jobs regardless of the connection state to your ERP or other enterprise back-end system.


Whether your manufacturing and warehouse operations are linked across multiple locations, outsourced, or distributed globally, it’s important for your business to remain operational. But these challenging scenarios may make it difficult for you to keep moving inventory, receiving goods, and filling orders around the clock.

Reliable 24/7 high availability collection

More than simple “store and forward” or batch operations, RFgen’s warehouse software employs advanced replication techniques, intelligent queuing and lightly-coupled architecture to help reduce costs while supporting reliable 24-hour data collection.

  • Enjoy 99.9% system uptime for critical 24/7 operations.
  • Easily deal with the unexpected by continuing to collect accurate data and keep working during WAN outages, hardware failures and periods of sluggish network activity.
  • Work during scheduled maintenance and backups without missing a beat.
  • Update inventory for the entire enterprise in “close to real-time” so that remote locations can be aware of the inventory levels and transfers happening in your supply chain.
  • Eliminate data and productivity loss from mobile dead spots.
  • Continue seamless operation for spotty or limited connectivity areas in the warehouse, in specialized locations and outside in the field.

Off-network and high-availability distributed solutions

Sometimes network connectivity can be spotty within a warehouse or outside in the field. If you experience issues with employees stopping their work or losing data when they hit a mobile "dead spot," consider RFgen Off-Network Mobility Solutions for remote warehousing.


How it works

Inventory management, receiving and shipping are core operations that must continue even if connections to remote enterprise systems are down. Attempting to solve this IT challenge with separate warehouse systems at each location creates a nightmare of complicated interfaces and costly data management projects.

Fortunately, RFgen High Availability Distributed solutions can help. Information is store locally and automatically updated to the ERP when connectivity is available so your team doesn't have to stop working, no matter the connection state. Failover and load balancing functionality is also available to further improve performance and better protect against IT disasters.

Real-time data collection

Ordinarily, the RFgen server does not maintain a local copy of transaction data so we’re able to keep ERP updates as close to real-time as possible and there is only one “single source of truth.”

architecture real-time update


High availability data collection

When high availability is required, it’s necessary to manage data and communications differently to ensure updates are properly managed in the event the back-end system is unavailable.

architecture high-availability

RFgen uses a combination of technologies to keep your remote locations operating and functional when the WAN is down, slow, or the enterprise back-end system is unavailable. First, a local database is created in order to store and manage transaction data while it waits to be sent to the ERP or other back-end system. In addition to a local store, database replication can be used to create a backup, or to synchronize multiple RFgen systems that are all working in a high availability scenario.

RFgen then employs an internal application called the Transaction Manager. This robust queuing mechanism keeps track of the local activity performed and utilizes the replication and database views to bring all of the data together to provide an accurate view to the local user. As soon as the enterprise system becomes available, the Transaction Manager intelligently submits the data.


"RFgen's high availability option gives us 24-hour system availability and prevents us from losing any mobile apps. In a remote plant situation, that's critical to our need."

Mike Wheeler
Business Analyst, Trident Seafoods


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