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Armed with our industry-best mobile barcoding and data collection solutions, RFgen can help DAZSI meet clients’ mobile supply chain requirements for Oracle SCM Cloud.

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Partner with RFgen to Deliver World-Class Oracle Barcoding and Mobile Apps to Your Clients



Why Use RFgen?

RFgen mobile barcode scanning and data collection solutions augment existing Oracle ERP capabilities to fill crucial functionality gaps and satisfy Key Business Requirements (KBR). Our solutions can help you present deal-winning RFQs, RFIs or proposals to your customers.

Why RFgen is an ideal fit to add value to world-class digital supply chain solutions:


Decades of Experience

Deep understanding from our team of experts in AIDC barcoding, supply chain best practices and Oracle integration since 1983.

Who Is RFgen?

Easy to Work With

We follow your lead. Let us help you satisfy customer requirements with rapid, pain-free implementation—and close more deals.

Where RFgen Fits In

Low Risk

The safe choice for Oracle barcoding. Proven history of unprecedented reliability and devotion to customer satisfaction.

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Customer Ownership

Empower customers to implement quickly with out-of-the-box solutions, with the option to take control of their solution afterward.

How We Empower Them
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Robust Technology

Superior mobile framework for dedicated Oracle barcoding automation and data collection. Flexible, extensible and reliable.

Our Technical Advantage

Support Cloud Journeys

Simultaneous connection with multiple ERPs in cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployments with robust offline mobility.

Offline Mobility for Cloud

Who Are We?

RFgen is an Industry Leader in Mobile Barcoding

36+ Years of Experience

Delivering exceptional digital supply chain experiences since 1983.

3,000+ Customers Across the Globe

With a proven record serving multinational supply chain enterprises.

Certified Integration

Gold partner with certified integrations for SCM Cloud, JD Edwards E1, World, and E-Business Suite.

140+ Certified Regional Partners

Trusted solutions partners supporting customers in 36 countries.

Hundreds of companies worldwide already
use RFgen barcoding for Oracle ERPs.

Benefits of RFgen Mobile Barcoding

RFgen users experience powerful gains in critical supply chain processes while creating visibility and traceability. Accelerate speed, agility, responsiveness, utilization, throughput and more:


Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.

Accelerates transactions

Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

Where Do We Fit In?

RFgen provides crucial “must-have” barcoding capabilities with state-of-the-art and advanced solutions for Oracle SCM Cloud, JD Edwards and E-Business Suite. Support new cloud implementations and migrations with low-burden barcode software.

Here’s where we are a best-fit compared to other Oracle offerings:
Basic Functionality
  • For Customers Not Ready for WMS Cloud
  • Limited Customization Needed
Robust Functionality
  • Fills Gaps Between MSCA and WMS Cloud Solutions
  • Easily Tailored to Exact Requirements
Maximum Functionality
  • For Highly Demanding Operations and Location Management
  • Sophisticated Configuration Capacity


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Win More Deals With RFgen

MRFgen’s dedicated mobile barcoding solution can help you win deals with robust mobile app suites for Oracle SCM Cloud and legacy ERPs. Empower your prospects to simplify, digitize and automate inventory workflows to take a competitive lead with low TCO and rapid ROI.

RFgen’s Technology Platform

RFgen barcode automation is built to run on OCI for Oracle SCM Cloud, E-Business Suite and JD Edwards. RFgen delivers a complete solution with all or any combination of barcode software, hardware and professional services required by your customer.

What Are the Technical Advantages of RFgen?

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Dedicated Barcode Solution

  • State-of-the-art real-time technology
  • Standalone solution—WMS or ERP module not needed
  • Uses Oracle ERP database, not its own
  • Integrates with ERPs, business systems and devices
  • Checks the barcoding box on your bigger Oracle solution


Flexible Framework

  • Deploys wherever your customers need it
  • Simpler, faster, more flexible implementation
  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Minimal custom work
  • Easy and cost-effective to develop


Augments Oracle ERP

  • Extends Oracle ERP functionality to mobile
  • Fills functionality gaps not covered by Oracle ERPs or WMS
  • Provides extensions for Cloud customizations
  • Digitizes, automates, mobilizes
  • Endlessly extensible


Pre-built Mobile Barcoding Apps

In addition to tailor-made mobile apps for the supply chain, RFgen offers dozens of Oracle-validated, ready-to-use open source mobile app suites. Quickly deploy mobile apps for barcoding inside and outside the four walls.

RFgen Mobile App Suites for Oracle ERPs:

We Empower Customers With Ownership

Customers love when they can have control over their own destiny. For those who want full ownership, RFgen can give them the control they need to develop the future of their solution in-house.

How Do We Do It?


Out-of-the-Box Solutions

RFgen delivers pre-made mobile apps for barcoding and data collection that require minimal tailoring to deploy. No all-custom solutions with no control.

Ownership of Open Source

Customers receive the open source for their solution, enabling unlimited modification, development and extensibility as their business grows.

Built-in Low Code

RFgen includes a mobile app developer tool that enables customers to easily maintain or create mobile barcoding apps without special skillsets.

Low Code Mobile App Development

RFgen Mobile Development Studio is the premier low code development platform for barcoding and supply chain mobile apps. Users can quickly and easily expand their solution using visual and prebuilt functions that drastically simplify, streamline and shorten the development process.

Mobile apps for supply chain. Made simple.

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