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Got a Licence Plate for that Pallet?
How License Plating Helps Drive Operational Efficiency for Food Manufacturers

This white paper introduces you to the concept of license plating and how it can not only help you in the event of a recall, but can help drive more visibility and efficiency in your supply chain operations.

Food manufacturers have some of the most complex supply chain challenges of any industry. Like any manufacturer, you need to keep items flowing from the receiving dock to the warehouse and onto the shipping area. Beyond that, you must also have the ability to associate critical information with each lot of items and then trace each lot through the supply chain. In the event of a recall, you must identify which customers were shipped License Plating White Paper Coveraffected lots and get the word out within hours.

License plating in food manufacturing operations

License plating is a method of grouping and managing inventory that can help food manufacturers improve operational efficiency and overcome supply chain challenges. This white paper will introduce basic license plate concepts and then dive deeper to explore:

  • How to tell if your business operations are in need of license plating.
  • Where license plating can make the biggest impact in your enterprise.
  • What to think about as you plan to add license plating to your workflows.
  • The key benefits that food manufacturers gain from license plating.
  • How the RFgen License Plating Solution compares to ERP and other data collection solutions.

How much can you gain in operational efficiency with license plating?

Download the white paper to find out.

Download the White Paper Now

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Caito Foods Logo

“Now with RFgen every item number has a license plate attached to it. We can bring up the item number in the date range and create a report within minutes to show auditors the actual purchase order that it came in on.” 

Cindy Garrett
Director of IT | Caito Foods

Trident Seafoods Product

"When the customer receives the pallet, all they have to do is scan the pallet label and they know all of the information about the items on itright down to individual product lot numbers. This is critical for some of our larger customers."

Mike Wheeler
Business Analyst | Trident Seafoods