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Top Mobile Barcoding Case Studies for Oracle’s JD Edwards

Written by Michael Clark
October 14, 2020


  • Mobile barcoding extends Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP to point-of-work with mobile devices and real-time scanning.
  • Capstone Nutrition, Myers Tire Supply, Trident Seafoods and Domtar all automated their JD Edwards data collection practices to optimize efficiency.
  • Mobile barcoding technology contributed to significant gains: 99.9%+ accuracy, +50% efficiency, +30% staff productivity and more.

Mobile barcoding helps loyal JD Edwards users get the most out of the Oracle ERP.

Mobile barcoding helps loyal JD Edwards users get the most out of the Oracle ERP.

Hundreds of JD Edwards users have already used RFgen Mobile Foundations to add value and streamline operations.

RFgen extends the power of your ERP to handheld scanners, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with real-time data exchange. Barcode automation, mobile apps and the latest mobile hardware enable your team to scan barcodes and collect data wherever the work is located.

Each scan transacts against the ERP in real-time, eliminating lag time and ensuring accurate inventory levels.

RFgen provides a non-invasive technology equipped with pre-made JD Edwards mobile apps that function out-of-the-box.

In this article, we’ll explore top case studies illustrating how companies added mobile barcoding technology to get more out of their JD Edwards ERP investment.

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1. 50% Increase in Picking Productivity for Capstone Nutrition

Capstone Nutrition manufactures hundreds of dietary supplement products. This necessitates a fast-paced, high volume environment with meticulous accuracy and oversight.

The manufacturer was using manual data collection to record raw material inventory transactions by hand, including weight and quality measurements. Transaction data was then keyed into its JD Edwards ERP after finished goods were completed—often days later.

This delay meant stock levels were always out-of-date compared to the reality on the shop floor.

To solve this problem, Capstone implemented RFgen Mobile Foundations for JD Edwards to replace manual processes and accelerate inventory movements into real time.

In addition, the company used RFgen to direct the picking process from mobile handhelds. During the component picking stage alone, the team realized a 50% improvement in productivity. Weight and quality measurements are automatically recorded in JD Edwards in real-time.

No more costly reporting delays.

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2. Myers Tire Supply Cuts Receiving Time by Half

Automating key areas, like receiving, can have positive downstream effects throughout your organization. width=

Automating key areas, like receiving, can have positive downstream effects throughout your organization.

As a just-in-time resupply distributor, Myers Tire Supply offers same-day order processing for over 10,000 items. It relies on 32 warehouses situated strategically around the country, each with extensive inventory volume, to accomplish this.

The company was happy with the control offered by the JD Edwards ERP. However, its use of time-consuming manual processes for inventory management was causing critical errors. It also lacked the agility they needed, negatively impacting overhead costs and customer relationships.

Myers Tire Supply decided to replace these outdated methodologies with mobile automation. Through a combination of mobile apps, barcode scanners, tablets and software, inventory accuracy surpassed 99.5%.

At the receiving dock alone, Myers saw a 50% reduction in processing time. Meanwhile, RFgen automatically enforced FIFO lot control and inventory consolidation rules for overstock reduction.

“One of the places RFgen was the biggest game changer was on our receiving dock. JDE’s receiving is a manual, paper-driven and quite lengthy process. So reducing that time by 50% with RFgen is a huge leap forward for us.”

– Paul Nonno, Director of Distribution Operations, Myers Tire Supply

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3. 24/7 Continuous Operations for Trident Seafoods

Trident Seafoods operates fishing vessels and manufacturing facilities in Alaska. The remote location causes connectivity issues with its JD Edwards ERP. The company needed reliable communication with its ERP 365/24/7.

They achieved this with RFgen’s online-offline mobility solutions and high availability data collection. By incorporating advanced data collection for JD Edwards, Trident can now transact all inventory movements across its facilities—without fear of connectivity loss.

Here’s how it works:

High Availability is an offline mobility solution that enables workers to continue collecting transactions indefinitely while disconnected from the ERP environment. When connectivity to the host is restored, RFgen updates JD Edwards. No data is lost and no re-work is needed.

Combined with real-time online mobility, Trident gained truly continuous operations for data collection, regardless of location or connectivity status.

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4. Domtar Reduces WIP and Raw Material Inventory Turnover by 50%

Domtar manufactures and supplies pulp, paper and specialty products like store brand diapers in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Facing increased competition, the manufacturer needed to modernize and lower costs. This required improving inventory accuracy and productivity while significantly reducing on-hand work-in-progress inventory and raw materials. The company’s complex raw materials ownership transfer process made granular inventory tracking even more critical.

The company was using a batch system to upload data into JD Edwards. However, this took a minimum of 8 hours to upload, so inventory data was always obsolete.

Mobile barcoding helped Domtar achieve:

  • 50% time reduction in work-in-progress and raw material inventory turnover
  • 30% increase in staff productivity
  • Real-time information exchange between JD Edwards and mobile devices

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The Benefits of Mobile Barcoding for JD Edwards

As you can see, multiple supply chain companies experienced significant benefits with RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle’s JD Edwards. Some of these benefits included:

  • 50% increase in picking productivity
  • Accuracy of 99.9% and above
  • 50% reduction in receiving processing time
  • Continuous data collection to maximize uptime
  • 30% increase in overall staff productivity

More than simple barcode automation, RFgen provides the flexibility to extend and automate manual processes for virtually any supply chain operation. If you are using JD Edwards ERP, RFgen mobile automation offers a proven path forward. With RFgen by your side, you can improve performance, gain visibility and lower costs with rapid ROI.