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Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of developing enterprise mobile applications and empower your IT team’s ability to easily create and manage mobile applications in-house with RFgen's enterprise mobile application development platform. Using our integrated development environment, new mobile, wireless and voice-enabled applications can be rapidly created and deployed, while maintenance of existing applications is greatly simplified. Our platform contains proven, tested methods for developing, deploying and supporting mobile data collection applications—and it does all this while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

"RFgen is one of the applications where we can achieve extremely high return on investment. It is so scalable that you can implement this product on any process."

Project Manager
Southern California Utility Company

"The huge benefit RFgen has given us is the ability to increase production with the same amount of resources."

Michael Dever
Applications Manager, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
Oracle JD Edwards World A7.3

"RFgen has given us an incredible time savings. For the data manger who had been doing the data entry, it was all done. That saved two weeks of time every month."

Patrick Marty
Project Manager, Antea Group
Other Connectivity

"RFgen's Cycle Counting module now helps us perform inventory counts quickly and efficiently while reducing the amount of labor monthly."

Mark Ferwalt
Applications Director, Quanex Building Products

"RFgen helps us complete multiple transactions making SAP 30-percent to  40-percent faster."

Jim Necci
Warehouse Manager, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
SAP 6.0

"From the time we installed RFgen in 2003, we've nearly tripled the volume of transactions, but the support required has stayed level."

Rick Resto
Chief Information Officer, Trident Seafoods
Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.0


35-Year track record

Since 1983, more than 3,000 companies have chosen RFgen over other providers. They often cite our experience, reputation, and track record as key reasons.

Easier integration

With pre-validated connectivity to your ERP, you avoid software integration headaches. And your account team is dedicated to ensuring your success.

Quicker deployment

RFgen applications are designed for efficient deployment. Often, we take weeks in cases where others would take months. Plus, users can learn the system in just 2-3 days.

More flexibility

Adapt quickly with our flexible Mobile Unity Platform™. Write and tailor workflows in-house, add unlimited users, and connect most any wireless device to your systems.

All-in-one provider

We provide expert consulting, training, and support; offer hundreds of pre-written apps; and can supply barcode scanners, RFID devices, labels, printers, and more.

Proven reliability

Our reliability reflects decades of product refinements. And all software upgrades, professional services, and technical support are included in your maintenance plan.


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