RFgen Training Services

To ensure maximum return on your software investment, take advantage of RFgen training services. We offer three training program formats—Classroom, On-Site and e-Learning. Choose the training format that suits your learning style, schedule and budget.


Option 1:  Classroom Training

For the most impactful learning experience, we recommend live classroom training. Hosted at an RFgen office, this highly interactive training is led by an RFgen expert and includes plenty of hands-on exercises to help you master concepts and pick up insider shortcuts. See below for the topics covered.


RFgen Classroom Training


RFgen on site training


Option 2: On-Site Training

Take your live training to the next level by bringing an RFgen expert to your site. By hosting the class at your offices the focus is entirely on you. The schedule and agenda can be customized to meet your specific requirements and you eliminate the need for “train the trainer” by having everyone attend that will be working with the RFgen mobile solution.


Option 3: e-Learning

e-Learning combines the benefits of a live RFgen expert with the convenience and affordability of online education. Content is broken down into modules that may be spread out over multiple days depending on your needs; the full suite of modules takes 6-8 hours to deliver, depending on Q&A. The e-Learning curriculum covers most of the same material as the classroom training, but offers less interaction and hands-on exercises due to the limitations of the format.


RFgen on-site training

RFgen Training Curriculum

The classroom training lasts two days, with an optional third day to cover your ERP application suite or any custom applications delivered by our services department. As noted above, the e-Learning follows a different format and schedule.

Day 1:  RFgen Introduction—System Concepts, Functionality and Product Components
  • Understanding RFgen
  • Installation and configuration
  • RFgen components: Mobile Development Studio, Mobile Application Server, Windows Desktop Clients, and Mobile Clients
  • The RFgen master database
  • Configuration and deployment of thin clients and mobile clients
  • RFgen mobile apps management
  • Controlling development using the master database concepts
  • Voice concepts
Day 2:  Managing the RFgen Server and Developing Mobile Applications
  • RFgen version migration
  • Understanding the development environment
  • Design a database-linked application in RFgen
  • Understanding variables and scope
  • SQL validations
  • Lists and data retrieval
  • Creating procedures in RFgen
  • Creating mobile app macros in RFgen
Day 3:  Optional ERP Focus
This optional third day is taught by one of our ERP consultants who will help you understand the integration between RFgen and your specific ERP, the application suite that came with your purchase, and any custom mobile applications provided by the RFgen Professional Services team.
How to Schedule Training

RFgen classroom training is scheduled monthly. To get pricing and to schedule your training courses, please contact us today.

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As an additional service, RFgen training can be customized and delivered in a local language.
Please contact us for details.

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