Better inventory management with less people? Yes!

Watch RFgen’s VSE success story video.

With mobile barcoding, that’s just the beginning.

vehicle maintenance for MRO government contractors

Supply chain disruptions. Economic turmoil. Staffing challenges. Maybe it’s time to go from hand wringing to hand scanning. Mobile barcoding is the boost your inventory management needs. With lightning-fast data and instant visibility, you won’t need that army of warehouse workers tallying up your counts. It’s a digital transformation win-win!

Start gaining confidence now with this aerospace success story for RFgen customer VSE. In 90 seconds, you can see the challenges that mobile barcoding and data collection can overcome. And the powerful, transformative results that follow. See what RFgen delivered for VSE, then spend your next 90 seconds imagining what a mobile, digital automation solution could do for your organization.


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