This auto parts manufacturer hit the gas on productivity.

Learn how PRP rebuilt its inventory management with mobile data collection.

Watch RFgen’s PRP success story video:


Whatever type of manufacturing is your focus, you need accurate data in real-time. And you can’t wait for changes and upgrades from your overloaded IT department.

Inventory challenges won’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to, either. With mobile barcoding from RFgen, your in-house team can make modifications to the suite of apps, or even create new ones, quickly and easily with our Mobile Development Studio. And that allows you to keep your inventory, and your business, moving ahead.

But you don’t have to read a lengthy report to learn more. Here’s a 1:41 success story video that highlights the quick facts of RFgen’s highly productive work with Precision Replacement Parts (PRP). Accuracy, visibility, transformation…it’s all there in less than two minutes. Check it out now!

RFgen knows how to transform your warehouse with digital automation. We can help you take your inventory management processes to a level you’ve only imagined. Ready to put the key in the ignition?

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