When ice cream is your asset, tracking is the critical ingredient.

Learn how Blue Bell Creameries made traceability their top priority.

Watch RFgen’s Blue Bell success story video:


Whether you work in the food and beverage industry or any industry that needs seamless data collection in your warehouse and out in the field, RFgen has the mobile inventory management solutions you need.

But you don’t have to read a lengthy report to learn more. Here’s a 1:38 video that highlights the quick facts of RFgen’s success story with Blue Bell Creameries.

Ice cream is tasty, but accurate, reliable inventory data delivered to your ERP in milliseconds is even tastier. Check out how Blue Bell increased their productivity and their profitability with mobile barcoding.

RFgen knows how to transform your warehouse with digital automation. We can help you take your inventory management processes to a level you’ve only imagined. Now, who wants some ice cream?

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