Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Washington State’s oldest and most acclaimed winery attains greater efficiency and reliability with RFgen Mobile Foundations for JD Edwards.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage Distribution
  • ERP: Oracle’s JD Edwards World A7.3
  • Application: Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, License Plating, Sales Order Management

Goals Achieved

  • Increased the volume of shipping processes
  • Gained traceability from the warehouse to outbound staging areas
  • Reduced seasonal staffing

The Challenge

chateau-challenge-1Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery is one of the few premium wineries in the world with two state-of-the-art wineries, one exclusively devoted to white wines in Woodinville and the other, Canoe Ridge Estate Winery in Eastern Washington, exclusively devoted to reds. Chateau Ste. Michelle is best known for its award-winning Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery needed to eliminate manual recording and improve the overall efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of their bottling production process. In phase two, they needed the same efficiencies and benefits for the winery’s Pick and Ship processes.

The Solution

From the beginning, RFgen Software’s consultant, Paul Hanson, has led the winery’s process re-engineering projects. “Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery wanted to use a Pallet ID system to identify and track each pallet throughout its production facility. The process started with placing a barcode on each pallet for easy scanning and tracking from the initial selection of the original ingredients, through the multiple steps of the bottling process on the shop floor, until it finally ships.”

Michael Dever, Chateau Ste. Michelle’s applications manager for financial and production systems is very pleased with the flexibility of the RFgen solution for their bottling production process. “We’ve been successfully using the RFgen solution in production for a while now, and we’re very happy that it’s doing what we need it to do. It’s very flexible, so we’ve successfully deployed it to four bottling lines, including our mobile bottling lines.” A mobile bottling line is a portable bottling system in a truck the winery can bring in as needed for production.

“The RFgen solution gives us a lot of quality information wherever we need it, like a real-time inventory count or product location,” Dever said. “We have the confidence to say how much we need to order and what’s in our warehouse. The huge benefit RFgen has given us,” he emphasized, “is the ability to increase production with the same amount of resources without having to hire more people. That’s the real payoff.”

“We were able to customize the client’s License Plating Suite using our RFgen solution. The complexity of our customization increased when the winery decided to split their picking areas. They had different tiers or rows of pallets. They would store partial pallets in the forward pick zones. We were able to split up that picking process,” Hanson said.

The customized RFgen application looks at the items that comprise an order, builds a Pick List, tells the pickers to go to a certain location in the warehouse, and shows them the lot numbers they should pick. As all transactions are updated in real-time, users are easily directed to the right location for picking using an optimized route. As the pickers are building their order, they put pre-printed pallet ID tags (labels) on each pallet and scan it to link it to the active order. Once the pick job is completed, the pallets are moved to a staging area where another scan of the order confirms the pick.

The Result

chateau-result-1RFgen allowed Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery to have real-time visibility of the state of their warehouse and production facilities. At every stage of the process, their JD Edwards system receives updates so they see the movement from the warehouse to the outbound staging area to shipping. It also eliminated the vast majority of paperwork and manual processes needed to accomplish these tasks. Employee productivity was also significantly enhanced through RFgen’s ability to intelligently route pickers through the warehouse which reduced the time searching for the right products.

“As the implementation of the RFgen solution progressed, our end-user department found more and more exceptions to our business requirements,” Dever explained. “RFgen’s implementation team, led by Paul Hanson, was able to make all the changes needed to the RFgen Mobile Framework to meet our requirements.”

On a final note, Dever expressed some of his expectations for the future of RFgen and Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

We believe that the system RFgen delivered will allow us to be able to increase the volume of our shipping processes without adding more people; This was the result of adding RFgen to our bottling production processes. As our volume increases, we expect to be able to do more with the same amount of personnel. A major goal of the company is to reduce our reliance on temporary or seasonal help.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery is Washington State’s oldest and most acclaimed winery. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Puget Sound area, the winery features its signature wines, tours, and tastings at their historic chateau and grounds.