VSE Corporation Accelerates with Data Collection – Industry Today, January 2022

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El Dorado Hills, CA — January 20, 2022

VSE Corporation was experiencing major growth as it began competing for larger contracts in the aerospace and defense industry. With scalability becoming a critical priority, their manual processes in their day-to-day inventory management for vehicle overhauls prevented them from continuing to grow without drastically increasing the size of their workforce. And, with their employees managing MRO inventory on spreadsheets, VSE was looking for an automated solution that could work seamlessly with their ERP, Deltek Costpoint. What they needed was automated data collection solutions from RFgen

To accomplish the aim of automated data collection, RFgen recommended the guided integration of barcode scanning into inventory management processes. The effect of taking this action was to reduce the manual data entry burden for employees at the receiving dock, the warehouse, and on the shop floor. Read the entire Industry Today article.

Our employees just want to fix trucks. They don’t want to mess with computers. That’s why it was really critical to have an automated solution that included Industry Aerospace & Defense ERP Deltek Costpoint RFgen Solutions Inventory Management Miscellaneous Receipts barcode scanning. We want to be able to scan something as it was received on the loading dock and have that item automatically loaded into inventory at a specific rack, shelf, and bin. By doing this, we can grow the business without having to add a lot of staff. We need to scale up.
– VSE Corporation

Video: Smart inventory starts with smart data.

RFgen offers a complete package of software, services, and hardware. RFgen’s combination of ERP-certified mobile app suite templates and low-code development platform, the Mobile Development Studio, allows for rapid deployment and self-ownership over the solution.

RFgen has automation and barcoding solutions for:

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Human Resources
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Production Order Processing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchase Order Processing

RFgen is a market-leading barcoding software with 250+ configurable workflows that are fully integrated with major ERPs to enable immediate benefits to your supply chain processes for inventory, warehouse, production, and/or other supply chain activities to the point of work using barcoding workflows using online or offline modes.

More than 3,000 RFgen customers worldwide have realized a significant advantage in automating supply chain processes for inventory, warehouse, production, field service, and/or other activities to the point of work using barcoding workflows using online or offline modes.

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