Three Ways Industrial Distributors Should Be Using Mobile Barcoding – Industrial Distribution, April 2022

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El Dorado Hills, CA — April 11, 2022

Across industries, distributors are facing unprecedented pressure as supply chain shortages and rising consumer demand are impacted exponentially by the labor shortages that resulted from the Great Resignation. However, there are real solutions that can make the difference between those businesses and those that thrive. One of those solutions is mobile barcoding for industrial distributors.

According to one study of warehouse executives, the majority of them are making plans to invest in new technologies that will make them more competitive. Not surprisingly, increasing speed and transparency were cited as top concerns. It appears that they believe that now is the time to embrace digital automation.

Modernization begins with organizations understanding the basics, and then enhancing their processes. In the linked article from Industrial Distribution, you’ll learn three ways that mobile barcoding for industrial distributors offers forward-thinking solutions like real-time data flows to better position their organizations on how to embrace the digital environment and lead with intention and visibility. Read the entire Industrial Distribution article.

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RFgen offers a complete package of software, services, and hardware. RFgen’s combination of ERP-certified mobile app suite templates and low-code development platform, the Mobile Development Studio, allows for rapid deployment and self-ownership over the solution.

RFgen has automation and barcoding solutions for:

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Human Resources
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Production Order Processing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchase Order Processing

RFgen is a market-leading barcoding software with 250+ configurable workflows that are fully integrated with major ERPs to enable immediate benefits to your supply chain processes for inventory, warehouse, production, and/or other supply chain activities to the point of work using barcoding workflows using online or offline modes.

More than 3,000 RFgen customers worldwide have realized a significant advantage in automating supply chain processes for inventory, warehouse, production, field service, and/or other activities to the point of work using barcoding workflows using online or offline modes.

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