How Mobile Automation and Digital Resilience Will Drive Growth: 4 Trends to Consider in 2023 — SAPinsider, January 2023

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El Dorado Hills, CA — January 24, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined technology and proactive planning will be essential components for resilient, growth-focused organizations
  • Mobility, robotics, and cloud software are all top of mind when it comes to cultivating agility in the face of supply chain disruption
  • By streamlining processes and automating data flow, smart manufacturing companies can make strategic supply chain decisions

As we enter the new year, enterprise companies will need to prepare for many ongoing inventory management challenges and embrace new opportunities for optimization. Streamlined technology and proactive planning will be essential components for resilient, growth-focused organizations.

Here are four key trends to consider for 2023.

1. Digital Tools and Automation Are the Key to Supply Chain Obstacles

Supply chain issues, although improving, will still be top of mind in the new year. A survey by SAP found that 51 percent of U.S. companies expect the supply chain to remain challenging into 2023.

Supply chain disruptions can cause immense challenges for inventory operations and customer fulfillment. Take, for instance, the current shortage of children’s Motrin and Tylenol. A combination of several illnesses and a surge in demand left many retailers without necessary products in the marketplace. Although such external circumstances cannot be controlled or prevented, organizations must take proactive steps to mitigate global supply chain issues in operations.

Prioritization of digital automation can help organizations reduce or even eliminate supply chain challenges. More than half of organizations believe they need major supply chain improvements, and a majority are planning significant increases in digital adoption efforts to streamline supply chain efforts. Turning a critical eye toward supply chain capabilities and arming the organizations with the right automation tools and solutions will be necessary to gain agility.

For example, at Graphic Packaging International, legacy systems coupled with operational deficiencies were causing significant challenges. By prioritizing automated and mobilized data collection across 25 North American sites with RFgen Mobile Edge for SAP, the company is now looking at increased opportunities. The new functionality unlocked a 25 percent gain in efficiency and a 30 percent increase in productivity for critical supply chain processes.

Digital tools, like mobile barcoding, robotics, and cloud software, increase speed, transparency, and timeliness. According to the Digital Inventory Report, 58 percent plan to invest substantially in new supply chain technologies, regardless of business size. These tools enable real-time data flow and optimized decision-making so organizations can pivot whenever they need to address supply chain disruptions.

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