Your SAP Guide to Creating Native Mobile Inventory Apps for Real-Time & Offline Data Collection

Learn how to create SAP native mobile apps 95% faster.

If you have SAP, then you may already know that Fiori 3 can be used to create mobile apps. But is it really the right platform for the job when it comes to the barcoding and data collection? Even with skilled ABAPers on your side, do they have the experience and nuanced understanding required for supply chain complexities? If not, they will be developing the apps from scratch.

Why start from zero when you can start at 70-80-90%?

RFgen Mobile Development Studio can reduce mobile app development time by up to 95%.

Download our new insight brief to learn how to save time, money, and effort in creating native mobile apps for inventory transactions. See hard evidence that illustrates the hidden but true total cost of developing a single mobile app for SAP from scratch versus leveraging RFgen Mobile Development Studio with built-in best practices.

Learn about:

  • Equipping developers with supply chain expertise
  • Augmenting operations with native mobile apps
  • How Fiori and RFgen can be used together to enhance SAP environments
  • Benefits of SAP supply chain mobility

An alarming number of SAP users do not realize how much time and money is required to develop mobile inventory apps. Shed light on hidden costs and learn how to truly optimize the development process with RFgen.

RFgen Mobile Development Studio augments your IT teams with mobile app development and built-in supply chain best practices based on decades of integration experience. Most common transactions are pre-made and pre-validated for SAP with a certified integration. Using low-code drag-and-drop, developers can build on these apps to create their own in a fraction of the time or cost of building from the ground up. Developers don’t need to know ABAP, HTML5, or SAPUI5.

Download your copy of the insight brief right now to learn how using the right tool for the job is essential to streamlining development cycles without interrupting your business.

This ebook was written with the cooperation of RFgen Senior SAP Consultants and more than 15 years of experience with SAP supply chain integrations. Feel free to read this recent use case in which an RFgen customer found success using both Fiori and RFgen Mobile Development Studio while migrating to SAP S/4HANA.