Boost Performance and Profits with KPI Tracking

You can’t improve your business if you don’t know how it’s performing. RFgen’s KPI tracking solution makes it easy for your organization to set goals, monitor performance, and outpace the competition.

Organizations that collect and analyze KPIs outperform their competitors with 10% faster decision-making time, 9% increased profitability, and 9% improved customer performance.

Aberdeen Group Making Smart Decisions: The Role of Key Performance Indicators

Enable Faster, More Intelligent Decision-Making

Benchmark Performance and Improve Your Business

You have the data, but can you use that information to take your business to the next level? Track and report performance for warehouse and manufacturing operations by using your RFgen apps. Auditing collected data enables you to set performance benchmarks, identify trouble spots, and aim for future goals.

Collect supply chain KPIs, such as:

  • Inventory processes (accuracy, turns, etc.)
  • Inbound processes (accuracy, efficiency, etc.)
  • Outbound processes (perfect orders, picking accuracy, cycle times, etc.)
  • Employee tasks (tasks performed, time per task, etc.)

Improve Forecasting and Decision-making Speed

34% of today’s supply chain businesses are prioritizing smarter, faster decision-making to become more competitive. But accurate, data-driven decisions rely on the data you collect. Tracking inventory and warehouse management KPIs gives your business the information you need to accurately predict future trends, spot potential issues, and make more informed decisions more quickly, contributing to growth and profitability.

Monitor Business Performance in Real Time

To stay agile requires up-to-date data when and where you need it. Visualize your data on dynamic dashboards for inventory and performance metrics of your choice with live reporting. Customize interactive charts, share to foster collaboration, or drill down for nuanced insights. Display on standalone monitors in the warehouse to show goals, active jobs, staging progress, and more.

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