JD Edwards Web Services Connector

With the relatively recent changes in technology and the push for cloud-based computing infrastructures, RFgen is now able to take full advantage of JD Edwards published business services. Our JD Edwards Web Services Connector will provide scalability and security using the HTTPS protocol to the JD Edwards WebLogic Server. This allows RFgen to utilize either JD Edwards Web Services or the JD Edwards standard client to submit transactions.In the past, switching between environments required a reconfiguration of the JD Edwards client by editing the JDE.ini file. Now connecting to multiple environments (development environment and production environment for example) can be done using a separate web connector without any ini file configurations. If used in conjunction with RFgen user properties, one could easily connect to multiple instances of JD Edwards as well.

Key Benefits

  • System resources are no longer needed for the JD Edwards client on the RFgen server.
  • Connecting to the JD Edwards WebLogic Server can be secured using the HTTPS protocol.
  • Multiple JD Edwards instances and environments can be connected to simultaneously by a single RFgen server.