Google Geo-Location and Tagging Support

If tracking and maintaining the physical location of items such as overseas shipping containers is a challenge, the RFgen 5.1 Google Geo-Location and Tagging feature will be a great asset to your business. This new function converts Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates into an address or converts an address to GPS coordinates, and display these tags on a map.

If you have assets stored in open areas such as shipping ports, lumber yards, mines, or off a country road, locating your assets can be difficult and time-consuming. By having the asset’s GPS coordinates and a device with GPS capability, you can locate the item within a 6-foot range of accuracy. GPS coordinates are especially handy for locating assets in areas where it snows.

Use of this feature, which will be a new control, will require customization to your application through the RFgen Mobile Development Studio. Scripting information on this control will be available in the RFgen v5.1 manual.

Key Benefits

  • Provides an alternative way to track items.
  • Helps pinpoint an item’s location within a 6-foot range if using GPS coordinates.