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Why Restaurants Need Supply Chain Management Software

Written by Mike Davis
March 16, 2018

RFgen Restaurant Supply Chain Management Software

Restaurants and other firms in the food service sector are especially well-suited for the benefits that supply chain management software can provide, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

The food service industry spends more than $225 billion on food and beverages each year, and increasing commodity prices will mean that spending could increase substantially in the future, NRN reported. Supply chain management software can help mitigate some of these rising costs by giving restaurants a tool for more efficiently managing inventory.

“Working with food can be a messy business where the food supply chain starts on the farm and ends on the consumer’s plate,” Kate Kennett, a software development expert, wrote in an August 24 post for ERP Cloud News. “In between this is the manufacturer who has to manage incoming raw materials, outbound deliveries, use-by dates and strict food safety regulations. Juggling all of these requirements where profit margins are small can be quite tricky. Having effective … software in place can help manage the many facets of the production line.”

According to NRN, some of the many benefits of supply chain software include the ability to better track food inventory, increased awareness of environmental impact through shipment tracking, being better able to track and predict fluctuations in the global supply chain and better inter-company communications.