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What to Know About Security for Mobile Barcoding with Cloud ERP

Written by Michael Clark
July 30, 2020


  • More organizations are moving ERP environments to the cloud.
  • Security remains a top concern for ERP customers.
  • Mobile barcoding solutions seamlessly leverage and enhance cloud ERP security protocols.

ERP cloud security is a concern as more companies transition to cloud ERP environments.

ERP cloud security is a concern as more companies transition to cloud ERP environments.

70% of organizations are currently migrating data for ERP applications to the cloud. With the significant push by major ERP providers to create robust cloud applications and functionality, this trend is set to continue.

Despite this upward projection, 91% of organizations still have security concerns about adopting cloud technology. This concern extends to how cloud ERPs will handle security with third-party applications, including mobile barcoding and data collection apps.

Cloud ERP Security is Safer Than Ever

Moving your ERP to the cloud can actually be more secure than using an on-premise ERP.

On average, midsize companies are only able to investigate about 4% of security alerts per week. 76% of organizations have experienced a security incident. Since there is a huge labor shortage in the skilled cybersecurity industry — 66% of cybersecurity jobs can’t be filled — it’s difficult for companies to handle security in house.

Cloud ERPs typically come equipped with a host of security measures that help mitigate these threats more easily. The basic cloud security measures offered include:

  • Preventative: Proactive measures that stop unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Detective: The use of auditing, monitoring and reporting to locate unauthorized access if it happens to get through the preventative measures.
  • Administrative: Designing and deploying robust security policies and procedures for all employees.

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Cloud ERP and Mobile Barcoding Apps

Mobile barcoding solutions integrate seamlessly into existing cloud ERP security measures.

Mobile barcoding solutions integrate seamlessly into existing cloud ERP security measures.

Mobile apps for supply chain barcoding and data collection, or “mobile barcoding apps,” extend your ERP to point-of-work with mobile devices with barcode software. This empowers employees to scan barcodes to collect high-quality data and transact materials against your ERP in real-time.

Mobile barcode apps are essential to modern supply chain operations using ERP software. For businesses migrating from on-premise to cloud ERPs, RFgen mobile inventory software can continue operating without interrupting your workflows.


RFgen Mobile Software Leverages Cloud ERP Security

Mobile barcoding solutions like RFgen Mobile Foundations seamlessly integrate with the existing security measures in your cloud ERP environment.

Security measures are administered from the cloud ERP. RFgen then validates users and security clearances against the ERP database to allow/deny entry. Since security clearances are directed through the cloud, they are protected via the same three categories of cloud security measures outlined above (preventative, detective, administrative).

This makes mobile data collection and barcoding apps for cloud ERP inherently more secure. Additional authentication layers can be added in the RFgen mobile environment as well.

RFgen’s pre-built, pre-tested mobile apps for supply chain continuity can be deployed to multiple cloud ERPs:

  • Oracle SCM Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Deltek Cloud (Costpoint)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Cloud

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Continued skilled IT shortages combined with major ERP companies shifting focus to the cloud means more organizations will continue migrating away from on-premise environments.

As they do, security will continue to be a top concern. With only 42% of IT leaders highly confident in their organization’s data security, there is clearly more ground to be gained.

If you are one of the many organizations considering the switch to the cloud, your mobile barcoding solution will be able to transfer with you and utilize the same enhanced security measures to optimize your modern enterprise.

With RFgen in your tech stack, your invaluable data is safe.