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Track and Trace Software and Systems, a Key to Customer Loyalty

Written by Robert Brice
July 10, 2015

Customer loyalty can be a result of efficient warehouse processes.

Customer loyalty can be a result of efficient warehouse processes.

No matter what industry your business operates in, customer satisfaction depends on many different factors. According to BeyondPhilosophy, customer experience management is the best way to improve loyalty and satisfaction. One of the most important ways to make sure your customers have the best experience possible and continue to come back to your company for their goods and services is to make sure your warehouse is running on an optimal level. After all, the interaction your customers have with your company is mainly based on the actual products they purchase, and warehouse processes are responsible for making sure they receive their items in a timely manner with no mistakes.

To that end, one way to achieve high customer satisfaction and influence brand loyalty is to use warehouse management software in conjunction with your existing enterprise resource planning system. Various forms of technology, including barcode scanners and RFID systems, are integral in ensuring maximum functionality of a company’s warehouse. When distributors are operating to the fullest and no mistakes are made, customers can be sure to keep coming back.

Why are Track and Trace Software and Systems Important?

According to a white paper published by Logistics Management, technologies like barcode scanners and RFID tags can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction by fostering more efficient warehouse operations. A company needs to be able to track and trace materials through the supply chain, and then keep tabs on the available inventory until picking, packing, shipping and delivery of sold products are completed. When the warehouse can accomplish these tasks and is running at optimum efficiency, customers can expect to receive products more quickly and without errors.

Barcode Scanners

Manufacturers and distributors need to keep track of their inventories in order to make sure they are properly serving customers and being cost-effective in warehouse operations. With barcode scanners, companies can enjoy more accurate mobile data collection that can help them improve operations in the long run. When companies can more easily track products through the supply chain and visibility is at maximum, they are more likely to inspire trust in customers.

“From raw materials to processing, from the manufacturer to the customer, track/trace systems provide visibility and support the company’s validation of their procedures and protocols,” the white paper said.


Barcode scanners aren’t the only things that will assist your company in tracking inventory. Radio frequency identification tags are another helpful way for businesses to be able to tell where products are in the supply chain. You can attach these tags to your products and track them throughout the distribution process, documenting a product’s history from warehouse to customer. A huge benefit of RFID is that it can ensure accuracy in data collection, which in turn bolsters visibility. Maximum visibility means employees don’t have to waste valuable time trying to find something at a distribution center – they simply know where it is because of the track/trace technology. When companies have a better grasp of their inventories, customers get their goods on time and with less fuss.