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Three Steps to Run Successful Warehouse Operations

Written by Elias Schoelmann
August 10, 2022


  • Market pressures are driving the need for automation in order to run a successful warehouse.
  • Mobile barcoding helps companies focus on inventory management and increases picking accuracy.
  • When looking to run a successful warehouse operation, ensure you choose the right technology that will increase productivity without the need for added staff.

Happy employees are often a result of your organization's successful warehouse operation.

Supply chain operations, market disruptions, and workforce shortages all continue to impact the way many organizations function. That’s why it’s never been more important to know how to run a successful warehouse operation.

Companies that depend on supply chains as their lifeline must prioritize flexibility, efficiency, and productivity within the warehouse. After all, the key to a successful warehouse operation relies on the creation of a mobile warehouse.

In fact, 80% of warehouse executives plan to invest in new technology to stay competitive. In a constantly changing environment, warehouse automation is critical. Mobile solutions and digitization are the future of the modern warehouse operation.

But how do you integrate mobile technology into a successful warehouse operation?

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Here are three steps to consider right now.

Focus on Inventory Management

Inventory is the backbone of warehouse operations. But for many, a lack of control over inventory operations leads to a reduction in cost and efficiency. Almost half of warehouses report that outbound packing, staging, and loading often wreak havoc on their inventory management.

How can you improve warehouse inventory accuracy? Consider utilizing a warehouse inventory app coupled with mobile barcoding as the first step in automating your operations.

Benefits of mobile barcoding in the warehouse include:

  • Increased inventory turns and visibility
  • End-to-end inventory tracking through receiving, production, packing and shipping, and more
  • Ability to adjust to fluctuating demand and labor shortages.

Mobile warehouse solutions can help companies quickly find how to keep track of inventory in the warehouse, all while increasing productivity and staff efficiency.

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Pay Attention to Picking Accuracy

Slow, inefficient warehouse operations and a lack of truly optimized automation systems can hinder critical business functions. Successful warehouse operations demand solutions that focus on material availability and real-time recording.

This is especially true with picking methods. By utilizing automated barcoding solutions, workers can track material directly from mobile devices from the palm of their hands and transact in real-time.

Increased picking accuracy translates to higher order accuracy, on-time orders, and fewer costly returns. The result? Lower costs and greater revenue overall.

For Schwing America, a focus on picking methods coupled with streamlined automation through mobile barcoding increased picking accuracy by 42%. Today, Schwing has a world-class 99.83% picking accuracy.

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Prioritize a Warehouse Management Software

A warehouse management system (WMS) can be transformative when answering how to manage a warehouse. Over 90% of warehouse leaders believe WMS functionality will benefit mobile-equipped workers. After all, a WMS gives a company a complete overview of its operations from inventory to supply chain operations to packing and shipping.

The downside of a full warehouse management (WMS) system is the incredible expense coupled with substantial integration time and ongoing maintenance. By using software like RFgen’s Mobile Warehouse Management, companies can gain core WMS functionality without the maintenance burden and hindrance to daily operations.

RFgen’s Warehouse Management Software incorporates mobile data collection solutions with a variety of advanced warehouse logistics functionality. Through this system, intelligent directed movement routes employees, materials, and warehouse robotics along optimized paths. This type of advanced material flow can allow a warehouse to run leaner and improve employee productivity.


It’s Time to Run a Successful Warehouse

Warehouse automation is the future and the answer to labor efficiency and productivity challenges. Understanding inventory needs and issues can lead to informed decisions and more accurate operational adjustments.

Ultimately, the future of the modern warehouse is mobile. Digitization and mobile automation are integral to today’s warehouse management best practices. Successful warehouse operations will depend on a cohesive technology stack that provides an innovative mobile experience throughout the supply chain lifecycle.