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3 Reasons Aerospace Companies Need to Consider Mobile Barcoding Security

Written by Elias Schoelmann
February 10, 2022


  • Aerospace contractors have the opportunity to embrace automation technology to improve operations.
  • A strong technology foundation should focus on compliance, security, and changes in market demands.
  • Mobile barcoding technology helps streamline operations, reduce manual processes, and save time and costs.

The importance of mobile Barcoding security in aerospace companies
Mobile barcoding secirity is critical for aerospace companies.

Agility and innovation are increasingly important to many organizations, including governmental entities and contractors. While aerospace and defense contractors are often defined by strict compliance requirements, now is the time to harness the power of digital opportunities.

For any defense contractor, effectively utilizing a variety of streamlined integrated technologies begins with a solid foundation. Contractors who focus on putting the right infrastructure in place will be better positioned for what comes next.

To begin, aerospace and defense companies need to look no further than their critical business functions, like inventory management and data collection. Implementing automation solutions like mobile inventory and barcode scanning can help improve operations and enhance visibility across the organization.

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Here are three reasons aerospace and defense companies need to embrace mobile barcode software.

1. Makes Security a Priority

Mobile data collection software can be used to transmit highly sensitive data to your enterprise system. That’s why it’s paramount that the technology you use is secure from the latest threats.

When looking at mobile barcoding solutions, ensure they boost your data security measures, rather than put you at more risk. A mobile barcoding partner should supplement your data security protocols and be able to accommodate remote working environments.

Make sure they are capable of enacting the following security restrictions:

  • Security protocols for “data at rest” when offline
  • Single sign-on and traffic encryption enabled across the entire software suite
  • Technology serves as a proxy, never allowing employees direct access to critical business systems and sensitive information

RFgen provides the highest level of security for your mobile data collection needs. Our goal is to secure data, whether it’s in transit or at rest, decreasing exposure to potential vulnerabilities. Through a variety of offline and online solutions, RFgen works with aerospace contractors to ensure no transaction is lost and every transaction is protected.

2. Prioritizes Compliance

Aerospace contractors are dealing with increasingly complex supply chains. By using automation technology like mobile barcoding, contractors can increase visibility and traceability for better compliance along the production line. Mobile applications, coupled with handheld data collection options like warehouse barcode scanners, can give you 100% visibility over inventory.

One defense contractor implemented mobile barcoding in place of manual data collection for inventory tracking. This change enabled them to achieve lot-level traceability and 100% billing accuracy for contractual compliance.

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3. Adjusts to Meet Market Demands

Having the flexibility to meet new business demands is a top concern for many government contractors. Aerospace contractors are dealing with not only current client demands, but also changing legislation and fluctuations in government spending.

Implementation of automated data collection leads to significant time and cost savings. Mobile barcoding can give aerospace contractors a reliable view of inventory, utilization and more. This allows for swift adjustments when you encounter shifts in market demand, supply chain problems, or labor needs.

A strong-performing barcode software should also interact with your ERP in real-time. This transparency on an inventory level leads to less wasted time, better forecasting, and more effective asset management strategies. A solution like RFgen will allow you to visualize improvements and reduce operational risk.

Embrace a Strong Technology Foundation First

A strong foundation is the first step for aerospace and defense contractors. Look for tools that increase visibility and efficiency in your operation. Put a focus on compliance, security, and agility, all while ensuring you have the reliable information you need to make strategic decisions.