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RFgen Recognized as a Top Software and Technology Provider by Food Logistics Magazine

Written by Elias Schoelmann
December 19, 2019
RFgen named a Top Software and Technology Provider by Food Logistics.

RFgen has been named one of Food Logistics’ top 100 Software and Technology Providers for 2019, recognizing its unique contribution to ensuring safe, efficient and reliable food and beverage supply chains worldwide. The award, along with a detailed profile, will be broadcast to Food Logistics’ 24,000 print subscribers in its November/December issue of the magazine.

As global supply chains in the food and beverage industry only become more complex, digitally transforming enterprise-wide processes to effectively and completely track, manage and optimize operations will become a prerequisite not only for growth, but for survival.

That’s why RFgen is thrilled to be recognized as a key driver behind the digital supply chain transformation. We have a decades-long history of providing end-to-end food traceability solutions for the food, feed and beverage industry for customers such as Clif Bar, Trident Seafoods, Caito Foods, Simmons Pet Foods and Blue Bell Creameries.

We’d like to share a few stories from some of these customers who helped us make this list, like organic energy bar manufacturer Clif Bar & Company who digitally transformed their warehouses with RFgen.

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Tracing Food from Field-to-Fork

Organizations in the food and beverage industry must replace manual paper-based processes with automated mobile data collection solutions to ensure end-to-end food traceability throughout the supply chain.

Organizations in the food and beverage industry must replace manual paper-based processes with automated mobile data collection solutions to ensure end-to-end food traceability throughout the supply chain.

Food traceability remains a key issue in the food and beverage industry.

With the introduction of the 2001 Bioterrorism Act and the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act, companies must now be able to quickly deliver full inventory tracking datasheets to appropriate regulatory forces when requested. This could be because of an ingredient recall, safety concern or systematic audit.

While 55% of food companies surveyed said they planned to upgrade their traceability systems in the next five years, many still rely on slow, error-prone paper-based processes to track inventory to and from, and within, their warehouses. This makes them noncompliant with federal regulations and can result in government actions such as increased oversight, substantial fines, shutdowns or even criminal prosecution.

RFgen provides a powerful, scalable supply chain management solution to optimize enterprise-wide food and beverage operations. Using RFgen, companies can increase visibility, efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain — and importantly, meet these regulatory requirements and minimize the damages associated with a recall.

Farm-to-fork produce distributor Caito Foods was historically relying on these manual, paper-based processes to demonstrate traceability, leaving them unable to respond to audits or other governmental requests in a timely manner. By implementing RFgen’s Mobile Foundations solution, the supplier achieved 100% visibility of its supply chain and full compliance with regulations.

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Total Inventory Optimization in the Warehouse

RFgen’s automated mobile data collection suite also helps food and beverage manufacturers achieve total inventory optimization in the warehouse by deploying solutions such as voice picking, mobile barcoding and license plating — even in the most remote locations without a consistent internet connection. This advanced technology lets vertically integrated companies such as Trident Seafoods operate with 24-hour system availability at any of their remote Alaska plants.

Simmons Pet Foods, one of the top 20 pet food manufacturers in North America, implemented license plating with RFgen, which lets operators intelligently manage a group of items as a single unit. With a single scan, organizations can track and trace key information for strategic groups of information, increasing both traceability efficiency and worker productivity for the organization.

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Future-Proofing the Food and Beverage Supply Chain

By providing an all-in-one ecosystem of real-time mobile data collection software, mobile barcoding, purpose-built handheld devices and consulting expertise, RFgen helps food and beverage companies meet and exceed increasing regulatory standards and rising customer expectations to future-proof operations and ensure the delivery of safe, reliable products worldwide.

Thank you to Food Logistics magazine for recognizing this contribution.