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  • RFgen Named a Top 10 Government Tech Solution Provider by MyTechMag

    Written by Meagan Douglas
    Thu, Dec 05, 2019

    rfgen named a top 10 government tech solution provider by mytechmag

    Technology-focused digital magazine MyTechMag has designated RFgen one of its Top 10 Government Tech Solution Providers for 2019, citing its unparalleled history of providing best-of-industry, real-time traceability and tracking solutions for government bodies, contractors and manufacturers. The magazine, which provides a comprehensive outlook on all technological aspects of the B2B industry, analyzed hundreds of solution providers to find the top tier leading the way for technological advancements in the industry.

    End-to-End Traceability Solutions

    Tracking assets and inventory in real time presents an enormous hurdle for federal, state and local governments, as well as government-associated agencies and manufacturers. With multiple departments often involved in a project simultaneously, accurate and immediate visibility of asset and inventory movements becomes a crucial, though often overlooked, part of effective management and governance.

    RFgen’s President and Chief Technology Officer Robert Brice explains that incorporating powerful, scalable, end-to-end traceability solutions can have a significant impact on equipment, labor, component and part consumption and tracking costs. These solutions also assist government organizations in reducing ongoing maintenance costs, preventing missing inventory, reducing on-hand inventory levels and if needed, quickly and immediately tracing recalled products to pull from public consumption.

    Moreover, the current trend of increasing regulatory requirements will necessitate that even more organizations rely on these flexible, scalable traceability solutions in order to more easily and readily comply with all future regulatory demands, and to more effectively manage inventory across their also increasingly complex manufacturing facilities — often crossing city, state or even international boundaries.

    Industry-Best Digital Solutions with RFgen

    A FoodSafetyTech report explained that numerous digital technologies are emerging as critical solutions in this sector, with mobility solutions for ERPs quickly becoming industry standard if organizations want to remain competitive.

    With complete end-to-end visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain, MyTechMag was quick to identify RFgen’s software solutions as industry-best for tracing and tracking highly-regulated components, parts, tools and equipment. Without needing to install on the server itself, RFgen’s product and food traceability software simplifies and extends the ERP interface onto a mobile device, allowing for real-time access to inventory data and providing real-time, validated transactions against the ERP database at the point-of-work. Importantly, this also allows 100-percent lot-level traceability to comply with strict government regulations.

    RFgen Solutions in Action

    In the food and beverage sector, top U.S. ice cream manufacturer Blue Bell uses RFgen solutions to expertly and efficiently track and trace all ingredients and finished food products through their supply chain within two hours, allowing it to comply with federal food safety regulations. In 2016, this quick traceability helped the company minimize the damage of an ingredient recall from one of its suppliers.

    RFgen customer Caito foods was also able to establish end-to-end food and ingredient traceability from suppliers to customers by integrating RFgen solutions, allowing it to scale its business while fully complying with government regulations.

    In the aerospace and defense sector, other RFgen customers use its traceability solutions to manage supply chain complexities and track highly-regulated parts and products.

    Tracking and Visibility in Industry 4.0

    With the trend of increasing government regulations set to continue, organizations that invest in end-to-end traceability solutions like RFgen will be prepared in the event of an audit or recall – and be equipped with a powerful, scalable advantage to position themselves at the forefront of the ongoing Industry 4.0 transition.

    Click here to read the full article on the Top 10 Government Tech Solution Providers in MyTechMag’s November issue or visit this webpage to learn more about RFgen’s industry-leading product and food traceability software.

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