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5 Reasons to Get Excited About RFgen 5.2: The Unity Update

Written by Robert Brice
September 16, 2020


  • RFgen has announced the latest version of the mobile framework: RFgen 5.2: The Unity Release.
  • RFgen 5.2 offers an all-new user experience with significant benefits across design, performance, and productivity for continuous barcode scanning and data collection.
  • The release will be available to new and current customers in September.

A new graphics engine and new visual themes work together to provide an optimized experience for the modern user.

RFgen recently announced its much-awaited next software release, RFgen 5.2: The Unity Release. Currently slated to be available in September, the new release is designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern mobile user. Its extensive feature set will also serve to boost workforce productivity during this time of stressed and disrupted work environments.

The release comes with a host of other benefits and performance improvements for developers, too.

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Here are five reasons why it’s time to get excited about RFgen 5.2:

1. Modern Design, Look and Feel

Today’s users expect the same modern, intuitive design they get with their consumer mobile devices with their enterprise-grade devices as well. That’s why RFgen replaced legacy Telnet forms with modern design principles familiar to consumers.

RFgen 5.2 offers two main features that modernize the design:

A New Graphics Engine. Proprietary to RFgen, this new graphics engine means that your apps will appear on your mobile device exactly as you create them for a consistent look and feel, regardless of your device choice.

New Visual Themes. We’ve overhauled visual themes with more functionality than ever in 5.2. Visual elements can be edited down to the control level. Visuals are important for user adoption.

2. Enhanced User Experience

RFgen 5.2 makes it easier to design mobile apps once and deploy across different platforms and device types.

RFgen 5.2 makes it easier to design mobile apps once and deploy across different platforms and device types.

RFgen has always offered significant boosts to workplace productivity, averaging a 30% increase over manual processes. Now, RFgen 5.2 offers a modernized user experience to further enhance productivity.

In The Unity Release, we’ve replaced single-screen task flows with user experience best practices that better focus users on each step in the workflow.

We’ve also expanded on our ‘Design Once, Deploy Everywhere’ philosophy with added color schemes, varying font sizes, item positioning and page reusability between multiple apps to further guide end users.

3. x60 Faster Mobile App Design

RFgen Mobile Foundations comes pre-equipped with RFgen Mobile Development Studio, our premier low code mobile development platform that offers flexibility and ownership over your solution. With RFgen 5.2, users can take advantage of significant feature upgrades for faster mobile app deployment and better user experience.

The design experience is simpler and more effective than ever with tools that offer scaling, anchoring, and snap-to visual aids. Users can take advantage of our true-to-life emulator to design and test your mobile apps across pre-inputted device types for realistic testing.

RFgen 5.2 also harnesses the power of reusability, making it easier to save and “reuse” function groups across multiple devices and applications. The copy-and-paste methodology can improve deployment speed by x60-x100 for even quicker ROI.

4. 85% Faster Offline Batching

Our latest release supports better continuous data collection, regardless of your location or network connectivity.

Our latest release supports better continuous data collection, regardless of your location or network connectivity.

Today’s operations need to continue collecting data even when your host connection is down, like during ERP maintenance. You may also have areas in your facility with unreliable network connections or need to collect data out in the field. Offline mobile data collection is crucial for continuous operations.

RFgen provided an industry best offline mobility solution. Now, we’ve boosted our offline and off-network support to provide 85% faster batching for big batch or off-network environments.

5. High-Performance Scanning on Consumer Devices

More of our customers are deploying RFgen on consumer-grade devices than ever before. However, consumer devices tend to be slow and inefficient for barcode scanning at scale.

To combat this problem, we partnered with Honeywell AIDC, a world leader in mobile hardware manufacturing, to design a powerful software scan engine for consumer devices for Android and iOS. This scan engine enables consumer-grade devices to scan at industrial sub-second rates, giving you more flexibility for devices without sacrificing efficiency or productivity.


The release of RFgen 5.2: The Unity Update is worth getting excited about. This pivotal new release modernizes the user experience while providing numerous benefits. Improvements include:

  • Updated look and feel
  • Improved end-user experience for better productivity gains
  • Faster mobile app design for quicker deployment
  • Continuous data collection enhancements
  • High-performance scanning for consumer devices

Today’s supply chain companies need to modernize and digitize operations to stay relevant, especially during today’s pandemic conditions. The Unity Release offers industry-leading mobile barcoding with cutting-edge capabilities. Equipped with RFgen, inventory-handling operations can reduce costs, optimize processes and thrive into the future.