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3 Ways Mobile Barcoding Can Help with Securing Remote Access

Written by Linda Gilbert
January 24, 2022


  • Cyber threats and impending risks continue to be top of mind.
  • One area organizations must consider in their security plans is the ability to function, and protect data, in an offline environment.
  • RFgen provides the highest level of security for your ERP mobile data collection.

Cyber threats and impending risks continue to be top of mind as we head into 2022. In fact, over 70% of organizations have experienced a security incident.

In order to lessen the impact of an attack, organizations must prioritize robust security protocols for data collection.

This begins with a focus on device security across all facets of your organization, including functioning in an offline environment. Remote access is critical when considering what security measures are put in place.

Here are three things to consider when it comes to remote access.

1. Adopt a Zero Trust Model

More organizations are leaving behind antiquated security mechanisms in favor of a zero trust environment. The zero trust model focuses on how users access crucial data and how that data is secured. Essential to this model are robust security measures beyond a login and password, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and more.

By protecting your data in this way, you can secure access to your information across the organization and track who has access to what and when.

For example, RFgen’s mobile barcoding solution does not allow users direct access to their ERP system. Instead, RFgen acts like a proxy, only displaying essential data needed for your employees’ job duties.

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2. The Use of Containerized Data

The mobile solutions you use store large amounts of data susceptible to an attack. That’s why it’s important to move as much data off-device as possible. The best security-based mobile solutions help move intellectual capital directly into your business systems quickly.

The art of containerized data is especially relevant when protecting data at rest. Data at rest occurs when a device is offline and therefore information is kept on the device itself. When looking for a security provider or third-party vendor, make sure they have the ability to protect your data at all stages, including when it’s offline.

RFgen’s goal is to secure data, whether it’s in transit or at rest – 24/7. This means your data is not exposed to vulnerabilities such as ransomware. These protections include:

  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Security sensitive data access that maintains user privacy
  • Use of device profiles for user provisioning
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Ability to shadow a device through remote access
  • Encryption of device when connected to a network

All of these happen without the knowledge of the end-user. This allows for a seamless, consistent user experience.

3. The Impact of Truly Offline Data

What happens when you are truly offline? How can you ensure you still have high availability with your data?

Offline mobility is an essential part of your security. When talking to vendors, make sure they can offer security solutions unique to offline data. These should include proof of delivery, field operations or services and continued maintenance.

RFgen has a history of flexible online and offline solutions that ensures no transaction is lost and every transaction is protected. The “Continuous Availability” offering allows users to keep collecting data, even when disconnected from their ERP, such as for routine maintenance or during network outages.

RFgen does all this and more, making it the most secure mobile barcoding solution on the market. In fact, we recently helped a global leader in the manufacturing of cement and concrete for the construction industry upgrade. Key to this arrangement was a robust cloud-based security environment that protects against cyberattacks and other threats.

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Keep Security Top of Mind Across Your Organization

There is no fool-proof plan when it comes to cybersecurity. However, organizations can take steps to ensure they are keeping security top-of-mind, even in an offline environment. Stay vigilant and ensure basic security hygiene is in place. Finally, only integrate solutions into your technology stack that demonstrate the highest level of security protection.