IT Overview: RFgen Mobile Data Collection

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Who are we?

RFgen Software is an award-winning leader in digital supply chain transformation with decades of experience mobilizing ERPs. More than 3,000 enterprise customers worldwide use RFgen mobile barcoding and data collection to digitize, automate and mobilize inventory workflows to point-of-work. If you harvest, make, maintain, store or distribute inventory, then RFgen can help.

Decades of Experience

Delivering exceptional digital supply chain experiences since 1983.

3,000+ Customers Across the Globe

With a proven record serving multinational supply chain enterprises.

Partnered with All Major ERPs

Gold and Premier level partners with Oracle, SAP, Deltek, Microsoft, and more.

Worldwide Coverage

Trusted solutions partners supporting customers in 36 countries.

How We Help

Extend ERP with Mobile

  • Extend ERP inventory transactions to point-of-work with barcoding, data collection and enterprise mobility.
  • Provide a total solution of software, hardware and supply chain consulting.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to harmonize your tech stack and reduce IT burden.

Create Real-time Transactions

  • Create real-time inventory visibility and control for major ERP systems using your ERP database.
  • Eliminate manual/paper processes with digital process automation, creating perfect or near-perfect data accuracy.
  • Deliver certified integration for major ERPs with pre-built, pre-tested, pre-validated transactions.

Benefits of RFgen Mobile Barcoding


Accuracy – Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.


Efficiency – Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Productivity – Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Less Training – Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

Where We’re Used

Our solutions are used by customers that require world-class supply chain automation for inventory and fixed assets, inside the warehouse, on the production floor or out in the field.

Maximizes ROI

Multiple Operation Types

RFgen solutions are used both inside and outside the four walls, including:

  • Warehousing Inventory
  • Manufacturing/Shop Floor
  • Freight Yard Operations
  • Field Services & DSD
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Track and Trace
  • Remote Inventory & VMI
  • Transportation & Logistics

Multiple Industries

We automate inventory operations across all industries, including:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Mining and Metals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Enterprise Customers

Our solutions are a best-fit for enterprise-level customers who have:

  • Distribution & Warehousing
  • Process & Discrete Manufacturing
  • Maintenance & MRO
  • Vertically-integrated Operations
  • Multi-ERP Environments
  • Multiple Sites in Global Footprints
  • 365/24/7 Continuous Operations

ERP Integrations

RFgen provides standard certified integrations with validated transactions for major ERPs and other enterprise systems. We have a proven track record of integrations to hundreds of customers for each ERP we service.



Build and Hardware Partner

Certified for Oracle SCM Cloud Release 11+, validated for E-Business Suite i11 to R12, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne XE to 9.2, JD Edwards World A7.3 and 9.4.

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Accelerates transactions


Silver Partner

Certified for S/4HANA Cloud/on-premise and ECC 4.6c to 6.05 EHP8, Business One 9.1. Ideal for EWM, IM and WM.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

App Store Partner

Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Financial modules.

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Deltek Costpoint

Marketplace Partner

Certified integration to Deltek Costpoint 7.0.1 and above. RFgen is the #1 mobile data collection provider for Deltek Costpoint.

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Proven Use Cases

RFgen has a long history of guiding customers to a more profitable future with supply chain and ERP best practices. Like these customers below, you can leverage our experience, expertise and knowledge for industry-specific needs.

Alliance RFgen inventory management

Alliance Resources Partners

The Challenge Alliance Resource Partners relied on a paper-based tracking system for their inventory management. Each of eight mines maintained…

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Amano Inventory Management

Amano Cincinnati

The Challenge Amano Cincinnati had an antiquated system they were struggling to maintain. They were still relying on paper-based systems…

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Antea Mobile Water Samples Collection

Antea Group

The Challenge Collecting water samples from every public water system is a huge job. Just twenty field samplers gather 40,000…

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How We Integrate

Our solutions are used by customers that require world-class supply chain automation for inventory and fixed assets, inside the warehouse, on the production floor or out in the field.

Maximizes ROI

RFgen in Your Tech Stack

RFgen sits between your ERP, your other business systems and data collection devices, enabling RFgen to send and receive validated information to any device or system it’s connected to in real time.


Data Collection

RFgen allows data to be captured by scanning barcodes with mobile devices or by other devices, such as PLCs. End-users can use the RFgen UI’s simplified ERP forms to complete transactions with mobile apps.

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Communication with ERP

Captured data is packaged and validated by RFgen before being sent to your ERP, where it is transacted normally using standard business rules. Updated data is then pushed back to mobile devices.

Example RFgen Architecture:

Advantages of RFgen

Certified Integration

Flexible Ownership

Use built-in low code mobile app development to develop the open-source in-house or engage our managed services.

Zero Footprint

Zero Footprint

No custom code, maintenance, negative impact to your ERP environment. RFgen uses your existing ERP database.

Ensures data integrityEnsures data integrity

Version Independent

RFgen versions are not tied to your ERP version, adding minimal effort to ERP upgrades or migration.

Easy to supportEasy to support


Design once, deploy everywhere. RFgen uses native mobile apps that are device agnostic and run on Android, iOS and Windows.


Cloud or On-prem

Available in SaaS or User License. RFgen can connect to your ERP in the cloud or on-prem, even in multi-ERP scenarios.

recycleAll-in-One Solution


Enables workers to perform their jobs faster and more effectively in their native language. A must-have for global operations.

wifiOffline Mobility

Offline Mobility

Industry’s best off-network mobility to keep operations running 365/24/7 when ERP connectivity is unavailable. Ask about High Availability.

Ends re-keying dataEasy to Manage

Built-in Security

Leverage existing ERP security protocols or add additional security layers. Supports multi-factor authentication, SSO and remote access.

Easy to supportEasy to support

Remote Deployment

RFgen can be implemented remotely or on-site to fit your current needs.


Build or Buy?

Should I build a mobile barcoding solution myself or buy it pre-made and customize?

Many companies are considering building their own solution in-house. While this approach offers perceived benefits, it also comes at significantly higher cost and effort. Meanwhile, your operation is losing both efficiency and profit.

Don’t waste time and money.

Our pre-built mobile app templates minimize customization requirements and time-to-deployment.

Download the Free Guide

Mobile App Templates for Supply Chain

Your RFgen solution comes with a suite of mobile app templates for supply chain, certified for integration with your ERP using validated transactions. These open source mobile apps can be quickly tailored or used to create your own with built-in low code tools. This practice enables you to leverage best practices based on more than three decades of experience and expertise. RFgen mobile apps cover most common ERP transactions, saving you significant time, resources and effort.

RFgen Mobile App Suites

Each suite contains mobile app templates that transact against your ERP for supply chain activities.


Can we see a demo of the product?

Yes, please submit your request here for scheduling.

What ERPs do you support?

SAP, SAP Business One, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, Deltek Costpoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and other connectivity types. Learn more here.

What mobile applications are included in your solution?

Our out-of-the-box mobile app suites cover the most common supply chain transactions, including purchase order processing, inventory management, sales orders, License Plating, work orders, manufacturing, Kanban manufacturing, warehouse management, advanced warehousing, equipment and plant maintenance, fixed assets, human resources and MRO. Learn about each app suite, sorted by ERP, here. You can also use our low-code RFgen Mobile Development Studio to build apps in-house or work with RFgen consulting services to create mobile apps to meet your exact requirements.

How many customer do you have that run your software?

We have more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Read our success stories library for a selection of examples. Just click on Case Studies from the filter in the left column.

Do you have examples of customers who use your products?
How does RFgen integrate with SAP?

RFgen enables the creation of SAP-aware data collection applications by embedding BAPI/RFC access directly into the data collection process. Developers browse the SAP object library and select from a list of supported BAPI/RFC objects. Using RFgen’s development framework, the business objects necessary to process the SAP transaction (transfer, shipment, completion, etc.) are embedded into the data collection applications using our automated code generation engine. RFgen only needs to use the provided functions to update SAP. No installations or changes are required in the SAP environment. You may also be interested in our SAP product page, RFgen Mobile Foundations for SAP datasheet, or our free whitepaper about complementing SAP Fiori 3 with RFgen low code.

How does RFgen integrate with Oracle SCM Cloud?

RFgen communicates with Oracle Cloud via standard SOAP/REST web services that connect to the SaaS/PaaS environment. During the data collection process, BI Publisher Reports are created in the Oracle Cloud environment to validate incoming data. The Oracle Cloud REST/SOAP services are then used to perform transactions. Oracle Cloud SaaS platform normally will not allow the creation of custom tables or webpages. For users migrating from legacy ERPs to Oracle Cloud, this may mean leaving behind custom objects. Using RFgen, users may build a front-end interface by using RFgen Mobile Development Studio to create and maintain custom objects in the Oracle Cloud. Users migrating to Oracle Cloud may use these capabilities to keep custom tables and objects without loss of functionality. You may also be interested in our Oracle SCM product page or the RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle SCM Cloud datasheet.

How does RFgen integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite?

RFgen creates a connection between Oracle EBS using the TCP/IP protocol and installing the Oracle client on the RFgen server or environment. During the data collection process, RFgen validates the data against the standard Oracle tables and views. The RFgen development framework allows the downloading of required business objects, including interface tables or standard packages, to generate the automate code that performs the Oracle transactions against multiple modules. Additional flexibility can be added by using the RFgen Mobile Development Studio to develop custom forms on the front-end. These forms do not alter the vanilla Oracle EBS environment but enable the use of custom components that call the standard interfaces/APIs via RFgen. RFgen can also connect through both apps and custom schema to provide limited privileges to the Oracle components and ensure company compliances. You may also be interested in our E-Business Suite product page or the RFgen Mobile Foundations for E-Business Suite datasheet.

How does RFgen integrate with Oracle's JD Edwards?

To complete a transaction, RFgen makes a read-only connection to the JD Edwards data to obtain the correct field definitions and specific business functions (BSFNs) in use. Different versions of JD Edwards may contain specific data sets and BSFNs. Data collected is validated through RFgen. A simple SQL statement can be used to ensure “by field” validation to communicate errors to the user upon entry to prevent invalid data from being communicated to JD Edwards BSFNs. Once successfully validated, RFgen communicates the data to the JD Edwards system for processing of transaction(s) using existing BSFNs. Multiple transactions may be “combined” into one collection of data. No changes to the JD Edwards environment are required for RFgen to operate. You may also be interested in our JD Edwards product page or the RFgen Mobile Foundations for JD Edwards datasheet.

How does RFgen integrate with Deltek Costpoint?

RFgen has two connections to Deltek Costpoint: The first is ODBC with read-only access to validate user entries. The second is the Costpoint Web Integration Console (WIC) to submit transactions. RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint provides Deltek-certified integration for Costpoint version 7.0.1 and above. RFgen does not install on or impact your Costpoint environment. RFgen Software is the #1 mobile data collection and barcoding software for Deltek Costpoint. You may also be interested in our Costpoint product page, RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint datasheet, or our free whitepaper about aerospace and defense traceability for Costpoint users.

How does RFgen integrate with Microsoft Dynamics?

RFgen communicates with the Dynamics 365 ERP (Finance and Operations) hosted on your Microsoft Azure Active Directory. RFgen deploys its own web services to your Dynamics environment to work alongside Microsoft’s standard API. The RFgen API is deployed to your D365 environment through Microsoft’s Lifecycle Services (LCS) portal. Once deployed, the RFgen suite uses Azure authentication to communicate with your Dynamics URL. RFgen will require an authorization ID that binds to one of your Azure admins’ accounts. All integration is handled through your preferred HTTP posting protocol. The RFgen API is expandable to include any custom tables or objects you wish to use. You may also be interested in our Microsoft Dynamics product page or the RFgen Mobile Foundations for Microsoft Dynamics datasheet.

Is RFgen scalable to multiple sites?

Yes. RFgen is easily scalable across multiple facilities and operation types. We understand that individual facilities have unique needs. The flexibility of RFgen’s mobile framework allows you to keep the core implementation model standardized across the company for multi-site rollouts but tailor the solution to individual requirements for each location.

Can RFgen run as hybrid online/offline solutions?

Yes. RFgen clients operating on end-user devices can dynamically switch between real-time “online” mode and “offline” batch mode, depending on the availability of your ERP or network connectivity. This enables your data collection activities to continue even with limited or unreliable connectivity to the host system or network. RFgen also offers an industry-best High Availability solution as well.

What is High Availability?

High Availability is an offline mobility solution that ensures continuity of operations, supporting mission-critical operations that cannot afford interruption or stoppages when connectivity to the host system is interrupted or unavailable. High Availability replicates data from the ERP into the RFgen environment, constructing transactions made by devices while disconnected that will later execute in real time when connectivity is re-established. Transactions will then queue or dequeue in serial manner (FIFO). These sequences remain invisible to end-users, who will not see interruption in their workflows. Visit our solution page to learn more.

Can I modify my RFgen solution in-house?

Yes. RFgen includes a built-in low-code mobile app development platform (MADP) called RFgen Mobile Development Studio. RFgen Mobile Development Studio enables in-house technical personnel to quickly and easily modify or create RFgen mobile apps for supply chain transactions using modern design concepts, drag-n-drop functionality and pre-built logic. Visit the Mobile Development Studio page to learn more.

How does RFgen handle security?

Security is typically administered from the ERP. RFgen then validates users and security clearances against the ERP database. We also accommodate extra security requests with added custom code.

Does your solution support RFID & 2D barcode technologies?

Yes. You can read more about our mobile barcoding solution here or about a selection of our hardware options here.

What is the average implementation time from start to finish?

Our average implementation time is between 3 and 6 months, depending on the number of transactions and tailor-made apps and size of the facility and sites.

How much does it cost?

We offer enterprise or SaaS licensing options. The cost varies depending on your company’s specific needs, including the number of transactions, licenses, use of consultant services, etc. We’d be happy to work with you to provide a quote – contact us here for more information.

Does RFgen provide or offer barcode labeling?

RFgen integrates with your preferred barcode label software, such as Loftware and BarTender. You may also be interested reading this.

Does RFgen print labels?

RFgen collects the data to generate barcode labels, but requires integration with barcode label printing software to produce the labels on print media. RFgen easily integrates with your preferred barcode label software, such as Loftware or BarTender. Learn more here.

Does RFgen sell hardware?

Yes. We can help you choose the best hardware for your company, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID devices, printers, printer media and networking devices. We partner with the world’s top enterprise hardware manufacturers, such as Honeywell and Zebra, to match you to the best fit for your company. You can learn more here or schedule a free hardware discovery call here. To read more about the latest in enterprise mobile hardware, see this blog post.

Do you have a brochure?
How do I contact you?

You can call us at 1-888-426-2286 or schedule a discovery call here. Or you can contact us via our web form here. If you are looking for our support team, please call us at 1-888-426-3472 or email us at