Mobile Development Studio

Our platform simplifies the entire process of designing, testing and deploying wireless and mobile applications.

The Premier Low Code Development Platform for Your Supply Chain

Our platform simplifies the entire process of designing, testing and deploying wireless and mobile applications. Many of our customers have experienced development productivity enhancements in excess of 70% savings through the use of built-in functionality like:

  • Automated Code Generation
  • Automated SQL Statement Generation
  • ActiveX Object Support
  • Error Message Properties
  • Event Driven, Scripting Engine
  • File, Data & Task Transfer Capabilities
  • Input Defaults
  • Input Validation
  • Scrolling Lists
  • Table Validation
  • Language Extensions for Common Tasks

Mobile Support Services

We include a number of remote access tools that help developers work with a mobile device and investigate its contents. This functionality is available whenever the device is visible on your network (wireless, wired, GPRS/VPN, etc.) Using RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, you can attach to it and remotely perform many different tasks, such as:

  • Remote SQL query existing databases
  • Remote database analysis (tables/indexes)
  • Remote database creation and data transfer
  • Remote file explorer
  • Remote file installation
  • Remote application explorer

Automated Application Updates

The RFgen Mobile Support Services module provides administrators the capability of remotely supporting and maintaining operations on mobile devices. Tasks such as installing program updates and managing software content on the device can be performed without the user's knowledge and without physically handling the device itself.

The core capabilities of RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™ include the ability to detect when a server upgrade has occurred and to auto-update the RFgen client environment when needed. Further, if you've deployed RFgen in a mobile environment, RFgen provides support for "Application Synchronization" requests.

In this scenario, if you've changed any RFgen applications that are in the mobile device's profile, it can automatically detect the application/profile changes, build a custom deployment package and remotely update the device—all without the need for IT support.

Dynamic Scripting Support

In another significant boost to developer productivity, RFgen includes built-in features of RFgen's Mobile Unity Platform™, even beginning programmers can easily create fairly complicated mobile and wireless-enabled data collection applications.

To facilitate the development process, the standard environment has been enhanced to include a number of "language extensions." These extensions relate specifically to the mobile, wireless and voice application environments and are targeted to simplify such tasks as complex data validation and SQL series, distributed transaction updates, barcode label printing requests, and data transfer and synchronization tasks.

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