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Food Traceability Software White Paper
Protecting Your Brand—The Food Traceability Survival Guide

Noncompliance to food safety regulations can result in severe penalties. This guide gives you practical food traceability survival tips from the trenches that can help you protect your brand and bottom-line.

In 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first exercised new powers granted under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to shut down processing at the Sunland Inc. company’s peanut plant in New Mexico. The total cost of this recall is believed to have exceeded $1 billion with lawsuits still pending.

A recent survey by Red Prairie revealed that only 52% of food companies can execute a recall within hours as is expected with modern technology. Perhaps that is because 81% of companies surveyed were using either paper-based or only partially automated systems. The food traceability software white paper was written to help food manufacturers and distributors:

  • Consider the requirements of traceability compliance,
  • Calculate the potential costs of a recall,
  • Review food traceability software solutions other companies have used successfully to track food,
  • Gain practical advice for how to improve traceability systems and processes, and
  • Locate additional resources to help you meet the compliance challenge.

How can you protect your brand from a product recall?

Download the Food Traceability Survival Guide now to find out.

Food Traceability Software

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“Now with RFgen every item number has a license plate attached to it. We can bring up the item number in the date range and create a report within minutes to show auditors the actual purchase order that it came in on.” 

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"When the customer receives the pallet, all they have to do is scan the pallet label and they know all of the information about the items on itright down to individual product lot numbers. This is critical for some of our larger customers."

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