How to Go from Paper to Barcoding to Mobile in Your SAP Business One Warehouse

Learn how to gain efficiency, productivity and accuracy by moving from a paper-based and manual data collection process to barcoding in your SAP B1 warehouse.

What you will learn in this video.

We live in an increasingly mobile world. Real-time access to important business data, regardless of time or location, is no longer an exception it’s the rule. With barcode and mobile data collection solutions specifically designed to integrate with your SAP Business One (SAP B1) system, you can closely manage inventory in the warehouse, in the factory, or out in the field. Watch this video to learn how to move from a paper-based data collection system to barcode scanners to mobile devices—like smartphones and tablets.

Presentation highlights include:

  • The top challenges driving the need for barcoding and mobility in the supply chain
  • How to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity in you warehouse with barcoding
  • How to go mobile and achieve 24/7 operations
  • Overview of the RFgen Mobile Foundations for SAP Business One solution

Watch the Video Now

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How can you eliminate paper and empower you workers with barcode and mobile data collection?

Watch this video now to find out.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"RFgen is the easiest software to use. We went from idea to reality in less than a week. Prior to RFgen, those ideas remained in fantasyland. It is easy to implement, it’s scalable and allows us to update our database in real time."

Kenny Frachiseur
Manager of Program & Development | Arquest Inc.

“With RFgen there has been incredible time savings. For the data manager who had been doing the manual data entry, it was all done. That just shaved off two weeks of that person’s time each month.”

Patrick Marty
Project Manager | Antea Group