How to Go from Paper to Mobile Apps for SAP

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We live in an increasingly mobile world. Real-time access to business data, regardless of time or location, is no longer an exception, it’s the rule. With SAP mobile applications, users can closely manage approvals, inventory and sales orders in the office, in the factory or on the road.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to move from a paper-based data collection system to barcode scanners and mobile computers to smartphones and tablets.

In this recorded webinar, we’ll show you:

  • Eight challenges that mobile data collection solves.
  • What limits wireless connectivity to SAP and how to fix it.
  • Off-Network (cellular) and high-availability (24/7 coverage for remote sites) solutions for SAP.
  • 50+ pre-built mobile apps for inventory management, warehousing, sales order processing, and more.
  • Actual case studies of how SAP customer are using mobile apps in the supply chain.

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