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Get Full Produce Traceability From Field to Fork with Mobile Apps from RFgen

Approximately 46% of companies aren’t fully compliant with the food traceability regulations outlined in the 2001 Bioterrorism Act and the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act.1 Noncompliance can result in government actions ranging from fines to forced shutdowns, criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

RFgen’s data collection and produce traceability software solutions help produce growers and distributors capture, track and use information to enhance compliance:

  • Trace produce from the field to the fork, using RFgen to update your ERP system about every movement of products or ingredients.
  • Comply with food traceability mandates by employing barcoding, RFID and voice picking with RFgen to track products by lot numbers, batch numbers and serial numbers.
  • Manage recalls and lower costs by being able to track specific lots, so you can issue targeted recalls for smaller amounts of product.
  • Reduce business risk by being able to issue recalls quickly and to provide the government with traceability information within hours instead of days.

Comply with FSMA and the Bioterrorism Act

Food manufacturers need to be able to trace the origin of ingredients in the supply chain, track the production of food products and record where finished products get shipped. RFgen’s data collection and produce traceability software solutions can adjust to changes in your workflow and will dynamically adhere with the logic and rules that exist in your ERP. This ad-hoc flexibility can help reduce your overall cost of compliance.


Contain the Cost and Damage of a Recall

Poorly-handled recalls expose a company to civil litigation, damaged reputation and even bankruptcy. The most expensive food recall recently cost nearly $1 billion!2 Research shows that prompt, effective recalls minimize brand damage and can even enhance customer loyalty.3 The records created by RFgen can reduce costs and mitigate the damage of a recall by helping you recover the affected products in the shortest window of time.


Ready to Learn More?

RFgen's data collection and produce traceability software solutions can do so much to help protect your business and ease the compliance burden—contact RFgen today to learn more.

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1Red Prairie, "On the Trail to Traceability" webcast.
2Sunland, Inc. peanut butter recall of 2012.
3FMI, GMA, Deloitte and GS1, "Recall Execution Effectiveness: Collaborative Approaches to Improving Consumer Safety and Confidence," 2012.