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  • Retail Mobile Solutions

    Retail Mobile Solutions

Gain a Single Source of Real-time Insight Across Channels
with RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Retail Industry

Today’s consumers shop anytime and anywhere, and are equally comfortable purchasing at physical stores or through online channels. Customers have little patience for out-of-stock items, lost or late shipments and inaccurately fulfilled orders. If disappointed, they’re just a few blocks or a few mouse click away from a host of competing retailers.

To stay competitive in an omni-channel environment, retailers need a single source of truth about the movement of products and inventory levels across their operations. From the receiving docks at warehouses to storerooms at individual retail locations, tracking and managing inventory holistically and in real-time enables retailers to respond quickly to customer needs across online and traditional retail channels.

RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Retail Industry helps you optimize your warehouse and distribution center to achieve much greater operational efficiency. With RFgen, your company can:

  • Maximize warehouse productivity and throughput while minimizing costs.
  • Access real-time, accurate inventory levels to aid planning and purchasing.
  • Improve the availability of merchandise without overstocking, so customers always get what they want.
  • Optimize the warehouse to reduce pick, pack and ship time by employing voice picking, license plating and warehouse management.
  • Use mobile devices to collect data and electronic signatures, supporting shipping, receiving and purchase order activities.
  • Automate cycle counting and inventory adjustment controls to maintain an accurate store inventory.
  • Trace grocery products from the field to the fork, to provide customers with information and comply with food safety regulations.

Increase Accuracy in Inventory Management

RFgen works with barcoding, RFID and voice-command solutions to help you keep accurate inventory counts at every location. It can handle unique requirements such as tracking expiration dates and optimizing workflows for temperature sensitive products. With RFgen, you can quickly conduct in-store audits with mobile devices to determine why an item is out of stock and where to locate products for restocking. Automating inventory management with mobile data collection saved one RFgen customer 85,000 employee hours per year across 116 stores.

By updating your ERP with real-time information about what’s happening in storerooms, warehouses and distribution centers, RFgen helps inventory managers become more proactive, making your business more competitive.

Optimize the Warehouse to Improve Operational Efficiency

Automate your warehouse with RFgen Warehouse Director and streamline operations with advanced picking methodologies and optimized paths through the warehouse. Increase speed and accuracy in receiving and putaway, gain the ability to split orders between pickers and incorporate automated warehouse equipment into your order fulfillment processes.

Voice picking with RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions improves speed and results by as much as 99.99% picking accuracy while reducing the learning curve for new employees by as much as 50%. Voice picking as well as voice putaway and replenishment commonly result in up to 35% greater employee productivity.

Integrated Data Collection Makes Purchasing and Shipping Faster

RFgen replaces paper-based processes by capturing proof of delivery (signatures, photos) on your mobile device and transferring data effortlessly to your ERP. Mobile data collection speeds up both shipping and receiving to support faster order fulfillment and purchase order completion.

RFgen for Grocery Retailers

RFgen helps food and beverage retailers trace grocery products through the supply chain, comply with government regulations, and respond quickly to audits or recalls. 


RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for a mobile data collection solution.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Often, with new software, there are restrictions or limitations to what the user can do with it. With RFgen, we were able to bring our managers a product that had no negatives and simply gives them the ability to do their job faster and easier. It's quite rare and it's a win-win for everyone."

Brian Sword
IT Installation and Support Manager | Gander Mountain

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